Hi,everyone! How was your Saturday been so far? I’m going to be doing a Q&A tomorrow as you probably don’t want to read two blog posts of mine. I haven’t done a collab in a while and I haven’t done one with my best friend Elle since Halloween. Today I’m  going to be handing my blog over to Elle so you can see what I’m like in her eyes. I’m kinda nervous about this but anyway, here is Elle.

me and elle
Hideaway Girl on the left and Elle on the right 🙂


Hideaway Girl on the left and Elle on the right.

Greetings, fellow bloggers! I’m Elle also known as MyBloggingSecret. Astrid had a great idea a few months ago, that we should do another collab! I was completely up for the idea! But, its taken us about 3 months to actually organise it. Earlier today, I got a text from Astrid, asking me if I wanted to come round so we can do this collab thingy, so, I hurried back from town and here we are.

Me and Astrid met in school, on the first day, I noticed Astrid was very unique, with her own sense of style and she didn’t follow the crowd. Quite literally, I think she got lost on the first day, haha. Astrid and I really didn’t like each other for the first couple of months or so. I think that was because I was a bit of a bitch and I didn’t like Astrid because she seemed ‘too quiet’. Thinking about it now, I was probably just ‘too loud’. After a few months, we bonded and became closer and closer. When we talk about it now though, Astrid usually just says, “You really annoyed me and I didn’t ever think we were going to be close!”

There are a few things that Astrid does that annoys me, and here are a few of them:

  • We’re both extremely stubborn, so if we ever have an argument, it takes us both a while to admit that we’ve done something wrong.
  • She’s very set in her ways and a lot of things have to be done her way, but a lot of the time I’m able to change her mind, haha.
  • When shes on her period, its literally hell! Word of advice: don’t get on her bad side or undermine her on these 4/5 days.
  • She likes to have political rants if someone gets a political fact wrong, its not annoying just funny, haha 🙂

But, there’s definitely more things that I love about Astrid, than that annoy me:

  • She always knows how to make me laugh, cliché, I know, but she does, either by telling me a really bad joke or making fun of herself, a lot of the time, not realise she’s done it.
  •   How she dresses. I honestly love Astrid’s sense of style. She often tries to achieve a ‘tumblr’ look, which basically all of the time, she pulls off effortlessly.
  • Astrid’s music choice is very unique and very chilled. A lot of the time she hates my music, because I have to admit, I do have a lot of Drake and Kanye West and she doesn’t really like them. Whilst writing this paragraph, the song ‘Panda’ by Desiigner came on and I started dancing and she said ‘Oh god, I hate this song.’
  • Astrid is extremely weird. She may sound all sane on her blog, but honestly she’s probably the weirdest person I’ve ever met. the things she comes out with makes me think “are you on drugs/are you high” and Astrids answer to that is usually “I’m just high on life”, hahahahahha.


We’ve created quite a few memories, I have to admit, not all good. Like that one time, I accidentally spilt her iced coffee all over her, to say sorry I bought her a Starbucks frappé and some chocolate buttons. She didn’t forgive me straight away but she admitted she was just being stubborn.

Our main topic of conversation is usually boys. Like, who we like or whos caught our eyes. There’s a boy I like at the moment who we both know, he’s a little bit older than us but me and him get on really well. I’m always talking to Astrid about him. But, to be fair, Astrid usually talks to me about how annoying this boy is that’s texting her.There’s been quite a bit of drama about whether he already has a girlfriend or not. So, for the past couple of days we’ve talked about him quite a bit.

& even though we annoy the hell out of each other, I couldn’t live without her 🙂

Anyway, that’s it from me MyBloggingSecret. Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post.

Astrid will be back soon with her usual blog posts, see ya soon – Elle xo

(If you want to see my (Hideaway Girl) writing on Elle’s blog, click here



12 thoughts on “IN MY BESTFRIENDS EYES.

  1. Can you say to Elle that I love her post? It’s just so good and also, you’re name’s so cool! I’m quite jealous even tho my name’s kinda unique. Yours so cool. [why do I always get jealous about something]

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  2. Hey oh my God this is the cutest most adorable thing ever ❤
    It's also a brilliant idea and would you mind if I maybe borrow it sometime? (I'll definitely give you credits)
    P.S. You're best friend and you are the absolute goals haha ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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