..I need questions. 

Hi,everyone! How are you all? It’s Friday and that means a whole weekend of revision in front of me. Joy. But of course, there has to be time to write a blog post and I haven’t done a Q&A in a while so why don’t you comment some questions below. These questions can be anything from asking for advice to what is my favourite way to get up in the mornings.

Also I want to do a collab soon so please comment below if you would be interested in collabing with me! 

So start commenting and I’ll see you guys tomorrow with a Q&A, 

Hideaway Girl xxx

18 thoughts on “..I need questions. 

  1. I’d love to collab with you! Check my blog- i did a post on how to contact me xx Questions- What’s your favourite season? What be the ‘perfect’ day? How do you deal with stress? Any tips for growing your blog? What are 5 words you would use to describe yourself? xx

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  2. QUESTION: whose currently you’re favourite artist??? Also all time favourite song? Current favourite song?? Any music recommendations?? (I’m sorry, knowing the taste in music of people I like interacting with is crucial to me :P) Thanks xx

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  3. We would make an epic collab to be fair 😂😂 oh and you meet The Doctor and he invites you to join him in the Tardis. He asks you where you want to go. Where do you choose? It can be a real place or a planet. Anywhere! 😂

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  4. We need to do that collab soon!!!
    1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done when you’re bored?
    2. What’s been your best day ever?
    3. Idea for a perfect date?
    4. What was the most recent film you’ve watched and what’s your review on it?xo

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  5. what are some things you are annoyed me?
    What do you love?
    What do you love to do?
    What kinds of things do you like? (food, pet, color, etc)
    What are some things you’ve learned from experience if you want to share it 😛

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  6. What’s your favourite dessert? Are you more of a fashion person or beauty or both??

    Can’t wait to see the post! If you want to collab, just check my contact me page and email me and I’ll reply asap! Xx

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  7. I’d love to collab with you if it would be at all possible! 😄
    Hmmmm… questions…
    1) if you could wear any outfit, hairstyle, etc. And it would all be perfect For a day, what would it be?
    2) what is your biggest pet peeve?
    3) best tip you’d give to your younger self?
    Hope these help

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