I’ve never seen it this way before.

Hi,everyone! I feel like I don’t say thank you on my blog as much as I should do. In my last blog post, I had a little rant about blogging and how sometimes I get a bit annoyed with some blogs and ‘readers’. But the support that came from the comments and also a blog post, was incredible. I’ve never realised that I have kinda a lot of you reading what I write. Every single word I’m typing now, will get read by someone.

Woah. That’s kinda crazy.

And I know some of you are probably like ‘another thank you blog post?!’ Sorry guys, but being polite and the stereotypical British citizen, I’ll feel bad if I don’t say thankyou.

Don’t worry, this isn’t just what I’m going to be writing today. I’ll be writing another blog post as well!

So I’ll see you guys in a bit with another blog post,

Hideaway Girl xxx


10 thoughts on “I’ve never seen it this way before.

  1. Well clearly you’ve been in the blogosphere (Do people call it this?) for a while now and I am naught but a newbie but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my short time here, it’s that followers are people too. They’re not just numbers on a screen to improve your stats and click the like button. They are actual living breathing people with their own lives and worries and memories. So it’s never a bad thing to thoroughly appreciate each of them.
    And, as a part of the audience, I’d like to say you’re welcome and also thank you.

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      1. Hello, I’m actually new to blogging and I’m just imagining how you feel about your viewers. I really don’t know anything just yet but I was searching online in a blog directory and I came across your blog site; maybe I can get some incite form you.

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