Murderous birds.

Hi,everyone! You alright? Yeah? Cool. Well, if you’re not doing so good. Imagine yourself doing something productive.. in my case, that’s funny and unrealistic. But if you are productive and hating it, imagine burning the textbooks or whatever crap you have to do.

I can already tell this post is going to be weird.

So it’s Friday! yeaahhhhhhh….

There’s some people who love Fridays and it’s the best day of the week. But I don’t really understand why because I spend most of the day at school and having to socialise with other people. I don’t really like Fridays or any other day of the week which has school in it.

I like Saturdays! Saturdays are the days where you are like, I don’t have to get up and I can lie in bed until one in the afternoon if I like. Actually I can’t stay in bed until one because I have work but anyway..

But the thing I also notice on Saturday mornings, I wake up extremely early! Like my brain think it’s school and panics so I wake up around 7. Does anyone else have that?

Also, the seagulls or the occasional pigeon don’t give a crap if it’s a Saturday, they will make sure to sit on your chimney and quake as loud as they murderous beaks can.

Gosh, the seagulls are crazy where I live. I saw this seagull take off to this little happy old man and steal this chips out of this hand. The little happy old man then turned into a little angry old man.

A few minutes before, I saw this family with young kids feeding the seagulls even though there was a sign saying ‘DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS.’ But whatever, it’s their own fault that the seagull bite the little kids thumb.

I think I would be too scared to feed a bird again because last time, it happened. It looked like this..


Yup, I just showed you a picture of me.. I hate these photos so much. My hair is a disgrace, I’m not wearing any make up, my style of clothing was obviously rushed and I hate birds in cages so this makes me cringe whenever I look at it. I also look like a 12 year old.

So I think I’m going to leave you on this note πŸ™‚

I hope you’ve enjoyed this ramble of a post and thank you for reading,

Hideaway Girl xxx

41 thoughts on “Murderous birds.

  1. Once when we were in school sitting outside in the amphitheatre, a whole flock of pigeons flew above us and just pooped on ALL OF US. The entire flock at once just dropped their dropping on everybody sitting there…. Yeah it wasn’t the best experience. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      1. Also also I absolutely ADMIRE you’re blog ❀❀ I started my own quite recently and would love if you could check it out? Thanks πŸ˜ƒ

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      2. Wait actually I have two sites… That might be the problem.
        Ones helprequired but I don’t use that
        Another is perfectreverie and that’s the one I use….

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  2. I love the last picture haha you’re adorable:D
    And I love saturdays too but I find myself waking up super early too mistaking it for a school day.
    oh what about those times you take a nap in the afternoon and you wake up and think it’s the morning and you get dress up only to find its only like 6 or 8 in the same day ?

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