Annoying Things Siblings do!

Hi,everyone! I always seem to bring up the weather in the start of my blog posts but I look out of my window before I start writing a blog post to think of an idea. Does anyone else do that? Well, if you are interested in what the weather is like for me at the moment, it’s sunny. Typical. It was raining at school today and my hair (and makeup) is ruined but now, the sun has finally decided to show up.

About two months ago, I did ‘Annoying Things Parents Do’ and ‘Annoying Things Little Kids Do.’ which I both had fun writing and you seemed to enjoy reading them. So today, J, my brother, was annoying me as usual and I was like ‘This could be another blog post’. I wrote down a few things on my ipad and now I’m going to tell you what they are!


Stealing your stuff and claiming it’s theirs.

J isn’t as cute as this kitten otherwise I would have forgiven him on many occasions 

My brother (J) does this all the time. The other day, he stole my history textbook and claimed it was his even though it had my name on it. What was the point in that?


none of your business

God, whenever I’m on Skype with Elle and we are gossiping (don’t judge me). J pops his goofy head around the door and goes ‘What?Who?When?’ I deserve privacy and a private social life!!

They tell your parents lies about you.

200_s (2)

J told my mum once that I was pregnant.Mum obviously didn’t believe him because she knows that I think having a glass of wine is ‘going off the rails’ on a school night. I’m not really like that…



I don’t let J near my friends because it always seems to be the case that he likes to tell them private things such as…well, I’m not going to tell you.

Keep going in your room

get out of my room

I’ve told J about a trillion times not to come in my room without knocking but no, he can’t develop that into his head.


Probably my favourite gif ever existed

Siblings are always threatening the other one with telling mum even when we aren’t in primary school any more but I guess it kinda sticks with you.

Acting innocent

acting innocent

Having a younger sibling, you know what I mean! My little brother uses his (not) cutest face and goes ‘it wasn’t me’. And guess who gets blamed for eating the browine!



I always win at beating my brother up but it gets tiring and boring, of course 😉


I hope you have related to this and tell me any more things which your siblings do which annoy you. If you want to a collab with me, please email me at because I haven’t done one in a while 🙂

Have a good Friday and I’ll see you soon,

Hideaway Girl xxx


21 thoughts on “Annoying Things Siblings do!

  1. Nicely written. I wish I had siblings but I have to read stuff like this to get a feel for what a family would be like.

    There IS a foolproof way to keep boys (all ages, from 8 to 80) out of your room. Feminine products are like Kryptonite to them. Just have copious amounts of tampons, douche packages, etc. laying around. They don’t even have to be stuff you use, just have them around.

    In fact, staple a hundred panty liners together to make a curtain that people have to walk through in order to get into your room. Take red magic marker of a certain shade and write words in the middle of each one like “fallopian tubes,” “cervix,” “estrogen,” and “uterine lining” and you will never see another Y chromosome in that room again.

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  2. me and my little sister constantly fight about stupid things but I hate it most when she threatens to tell my step mom something I did. it is really anoying. It is a love hate relationship.

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