Crazy dreams, not inspirational dreams.

Right, so I had a crazy dream last night.

I was at my gymnastics club where I volunteer and I was helping this little annoying kid get through this net. After helping him through, I tried to get through this small little hole but I got stuck. I was like ‘shit’ and all the parents were laughing at me.

Anyway, I somehow got through by bitting the net and my teeth started bleeding which is making me cringe of disgust now. At the end of the club, I walked home with my best friend, Elle, and I got lost in this nature reserve which we walked through.

The next day (in my dream), I was back at gymnastics and Mr W (the guy who runs it) was being a douche bag which he never is but it was really realistic. He kept shouting at me and saying ‘stop being such a lazy arse.’ but I was working so hard and it was getting tiring. At the end of the session, he started talking crap about me in this presentation thing he does after every lesson to the parents. I got so annoyed and I started shouting back at him. I think I said something along the lines ‘I’VE HELPED YOU AND I’VE BEEN GETTING SHITTED ON BY TODDLERS EVERY MORNING FOR THE PAST 3 MONTHS! SIR, YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN AND LOOK AT YOURSELF!’ All the parents agreed with me and I was entitled ‘Queen Sass.’

After me exploding in front of loads of parents and their kids, I rode the bike home with Elle and two boys who I’ve forgotten who the hell they were. I haven’t rode my bike for at least a year and I fell off while going up this hill in my dream. I landed into this parent’s arms, laughing.

It was the weirdest dream.

I have crazy dreams all the time and I always tell Elle on the way to school so I might sometimes write a blog post about my night adventures.It’s kinda a nice idea to document dreams because you normally forget them after ten minutes.

I’ve forgotten most of this dream. I think it contained The Harbour in it as well but I thought I should tell you I have crazy dreams.

I will see you later,

Hideaway Girl xxx


13 thoughts on “Crazy dreams, not inspirational dreams.

  1. I’ve read somewhere that it would be interesting to keep a notepad next to your bed and the first thing you do when you wake up is to document your the dream you remember having down because you usually forget it under a minute. They could make interesting plot ideas. But what you said sounds like a good post idea!

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  2. That sounds like a very interesting dream. And very weird.
    I always like to think of the meaning and symbols that my dreams contain, and other people’s, usually, I’m pretty good at it, you should try coming up with the meaning, because it could be an important message, which you should have with you.

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  3. Wow, that’s crazy. I also have crazy dream and then it happens in real life and I was just like “I’M AN ORACLE!”. Oh, I suddenly remembered the Percy Jackson series.

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