Summer and Winter | Poem.

Hi,everyone! How are you all doing on this bright sunny spring morning? *waits for a reply* I’m actually doing alright, I’ve been watching this youtuber, who I found through a friend, called Emma Blackery. She’s actually pretty funny and I haven’t been able to stop watching her for at least four hours.. I think it’s time to stop.

I’ve just written a poem and I don’t know what I think about it but tell me in the comments below šŸ™‚

Enjoy and embrace the spelling mistakes.


A summer glow of hair,

Rosy pink cheeks sprinkled with freckles,

Small subtle breeze of air surrounds everywhere,

Eyes all on echo on her.


A winter darkness of hair,

Pale inflection still,

Spiteful breath tiptoes everywhere,

Eyes look past her.


Inside the perfect summer’s body ,

lies a heart flowing,

with vain hatred and evil .


Inside the fragile winter’s body,

lies a heart drumming,

with love and care.


But no one notices.

All they see is the beauty of summer,

But not the love and care of winter.


So what did you think of it? I actually wrote this about two people but I used the seasons as a base. `

I wanna do a Q&A today but I need some questions so if you wanna leave some in the comments below that would be really good.

I’ll see ya with a Q&A, later,

Hideaway Girl xxx

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