How to get a job being only a teen!

Hi,everyone! Recently, I’ve realised that I haven’t got any money and my parents are refusing to give me as much money as I got last year which I don’t blame them because I was spending it on things I don’t need. I and my best friend, Elle, decided to look for a job. I was terrified and didn’t know how to get started.

Firstly, I wrote a CV and it went like this:

Being a junior gymnastics coach, I have learnt how to develop confidence and excellent communication skills. I have been able to construct activities which the children have engaged in and enjoyed. Going to my volunteering every Saturday at 10:30 has shown that I am dedicated to my responsibilities. My anonymous blog has also made a happy community around the internet and only just over a year old, I have reached over 500 followers. Through my blog, I have learnt about different cultures and how to help people.

Having this job would help me save up for university which is quite a few years ahead but I’ve always dream of being a teacher when I’m older so I need the right degrees and education.

I also talked about my education, my strengths and went more into depth about what I did at my gymnastics volunteering (BTW: I can’t even do a handstand so don’t think I’m a professional). Also, remember to put your contact details on there and don’t worry about it not being professional, you’re only a teenager. 

Before applying for a job, I would also do some volunteering as it really helps you look more experienced and up for the job.

We (me and Elle) decided to only let one person in another workplace than a cafe because they may only want to employ one person. So next time, if I don’t get a job, I will go in on my own so I have more of a chance of getting a  job.

When you go into the shop, go straight to the desk with a smile (don’t look grumpy and seem like you don’t want to be there). Ask if they have any part-time jobs and if they say yes or not at the moment, ask if you can leave a CV there. If they bluntly go ‘no’, leave but remember to say thankyou.

Being only fourteen, I went to places where you would think they would employ people looking for summer jobs.

Top 6 tips!

  1. Write a CV- talk about school, previous volunteering-jobs and hobbies!
  2. Make sure to put your contact information on your CV.
  3. Do volunteering before applying for a job.
  4. When looking for a job, don’t go with your friends.
  5. Remember to be polite.
  6. Keep looking!

Well, I hope this has helped you get some ideas of how to get a job and I’ll see you with another blog post tomorrow 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx


10 thoughts on “How to get a job being only a teen!

  1. I would definitely recommend going into your local pub or cafe. I didn’t think that they would hire me at the time because I was only 15 but they needed all the help the could find, so definitely ask, the worst they can say is no.
    good luck! x


  2. Your tips are great especially on not going with a friend. In my first job interview, I unfortunately went with a friend who’s also good (she’s my friend, come on!) but I just think she wont be serious in getting this job since she’s a rich kid and do not really need a job at that time. Unfortunately, she got the job being more sociable and cheery type because the job certainly required personality. I do have personality, but hers is perhaps better. So while still seated together, she was asked about her experience and education — and my crazy friend apparently faked some of the experiences she’s written and she admitted it, right there and then (ON THE SPOT!). The interviewers jaw dropped with dismay (and disbelief probably) and she told me that, you are a great candidate too, I just thought she would be better at it — but I am afraid you faked your credentials too and it was rhetorical! She dismissed us both and my friend was laughing like crazy and I was sulking because I could have had the job and I brought a lunatic (my bff!) with me… we ended up laughing crazily in the car and my dad was driving for us and when he knew the story, he was shaking his head with frustration. I love my friend & it was years ago and she’s still the same crazy person but she’s able to keep a decent job 😀

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      1. Yeah, it was annoying, hahaha because that was my first interview ever, i was annoyed bcz i didnt get the job bcz of her weirdness and my dad was pissed. We see to it that neither of us forgets about it! It still makes me laugh out loud even when i am alone 😻😻😻 that was 13 years ago 😉

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      2. It kinda reveals how old I am… But I enjoy the young generation so much because it seems like i didnt get older since i have young siblings (that dont seem to get older too) hehehe

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