Pretty British.

Hi,everyone! Today is so beautiful,isn’t it? Britain is finally sunny after the winter days of having to sit around (which I don’t really mind) and watch Netflix (which I also don’t mind) but it’s nice to have a change.

I was surfing the internet this morning like I do all the time… I have no life. Anyway, I came across this song which I think you will like 🙂

The Loveable Rogues went on Britain’s Got Talent and performed this song which was written by them and I fell in love. The song just makes me want to dance around the room and pretend I’m performing with them.

I preferred there live one on Britain’s Got Talent but I couldn’t get the link because of copyright or something so I left it. But if you want to see the live one, click here.

They didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 which is annoying because I think they would be more committed to their music f they had more of a chance of meeting producers.I really hope they will write more songs. But Loveable Rogues did get to the finals and went on tour with Scouting With Girls which is also one of my other favourite bands.

Listening to this song, reminds me of London and it makes feel proud to be British which I never really have the feeling of. They seem like such a lovely down-to-earth set of people and I would love to see them perform.

Well, I hope you check them out and this isn’t sponsored, I just really like their songs and I think you would to,

Hideaway Girl xxx



9 thoughts on “Pretty British.

  1. Hi! I’ve just found your blog and it’s great! I remember watching them perform this on BGT! I completely forgot about them so thanks for reminding me, they were so great. – Jess x

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      1. This might be a bit of a random question but are you an anonymous blogger? It’s just that I’m doing the Anonymous Award 🙂 and I need to nominate anonymous bloggers 🙂 xxx

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