Hi,everyone! Sorry that I haven’t been online for two days because I’ve been distracted about tests and homework. Today is Sport’s Relief where you do something for charity. Our school decided that we could wear non school uniform which IS very stressful for a teenage girl! But there’s something worse, we also had to run 2 miles.. my worst nightmare.

If I was running for charity, I would have a right good go but we didn’t even get sponsored or earn money for charity by running so I didn’t understand the point of it. I already gave £2 in and it doesn’t seem to be enough for the teachers (which isn’t obviously on a bigger scale, so don’t give me hate).While running (more like crying in the freezing cold), me and Lily wanted to cut off this  big   little corner so we did but my heart was like jumping out of my rib cage.

Cutting off the corner was a big risk to me and Lily’s ears (you wouldn’t like to hear Miss W’s screaming). We got pass the corner and then Mr B started shouting ‘GIRLS. THOSE GIRLS THERE. STOP RUNNING. MISS W GET THOSE GIRLS TO STOP RUNNING’  I didn’t actually know if he was talking to us so we carried on walking, our pace quickening. We looked like absolute idiots. I looked behind us and there was Miss W running towards us. And being a sport teacher, she can run pretty fast. So we were like ‘SHIT.’ We need to run. So I started jogging pretending to not hear the shouts of the teachers. Lily dragged me down to slow me down so we didn’t look suspicious. We couldn’t run the whole mile to get away from her so we gave up.

Miss W caught up with us, fuming with rage. ‘HOW DARE YOU CHEAT?! YOU ARE RUNNING FOR CHARITY.’ We weren’t, we weren’t even getting money for it. ‘YOU ARE DISGUSTING HUMANS.’ I was like ‘calm down,miss.’ in my head because I want to live unti I’m twenty. ‘Don’t be surprised if you get a dentition!’

She forgot about it but she made us run another mile which is highly unfair as my friend, Daisy got away with cheating and Miss W laughed at her, letting her go.

She just hates me and Lily.


Do something for Sport Relief! It could be something really easy like phoning up or something as hard as running 10 miles 🙂

But whatever you do, have fun.

Hideaway Girl xxx


14 thoughts on “STOP RUNNING

  1. I totally agree that it’s so stressful when you’re allowed to wear your own clothes in school! I didn’t realize it was Sports Relief today 😂my pe teacher hates me as well don’t worry xxx


  2. my gosh . I hate running with a great passion .
    and I can’t believe she called you guys “Disgusting humans’ . Is a teacher even allowed to say that to a student?
    anyways , I’m so sorry about your day !

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  3. This sounds just like my PE teacher. Except instead of running an extra mile I had to write a letter of apology about why running is important haha. I feel very sorry for you…

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