My Bucket List before I die!

Hi,everyone! Today is such a beautiful day in England 🙂 I have my window open and the heat of the sun is just pouring onto my skin, I feel alive and happy. I feel like I want to go outside and do something; something which I’ve never done before.

*Now, my dog is barking outside, waking up everyone from their Sunday lie in.*

Getting back to the point, I want to make a bucket list (a list of things I want to do before I die) which sounds quite morbid but it’s actually a really exciting post to write.

I think I’m going to add a few things every year to make the list go longer and make it as amazing as possible. These are a few things I want to do before I die.

  1. Go to Australia- I’ve wanted to go there since I first started watching Saddle Club. I want to travel Australia like my mum did and see the world. My mum said it was the best year of her life which I found insulting as I thought me being born would be the best year of her life. While I’m in Australia, I want to WhiteHaven beach (the most beautiful beach ever) and Yarra Valley because it just looks so amazing.
  2. Learn how to horse ride- Whatever age I will be, I want to learn how to ride a horse. I’m going to get my kids to learn (if they want to) and have lessons with them.
  3. Go under a waterfall and swing off a rope- cheesy, I know  but it just looks so fun and it would be something to remember.
  4. Go to Pompeii- I nearly went to Pompeii when I was around 10 but my brother had a melt down that he didn’t want to go in case a volcano exploded. I wish we did go.
  5. Live in a flat with my friends- I want to live with my friends for a bit. It just sounds so cool and I think it would be great!
  6. Write a book- I don’t want to be an author but I want to write something which I can keep. It would be so awesome to show my family when I’m old and grey how young and stupid I was.
  7. Give something back to my parents- I want to do something which will make my parents happy and proud of them. Something which they will be so thankful for.
  8. Fall in love- I think this will be on everyone’s bucket list but I really want to fall in love.
  9. Have a wedding- I’m not religious or anything but I really want to prepare my wedding and have the most gorgeous wedding dress in the world XD
  10. Have a daughter or a son. I want to have children when I grow up and can learn how to look after myself. I want to bring up a new generation and show them what’s wrong or right. I want to be proud of my children.
  11. Make a difference- I want to make a difference to this world. It could be something really small or something really big! I don’t know but I want to make a good difference.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and I think I might start writing about my life. I think it will be nice to have a go 🙂

Thankyou for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow (or later in today) with another post,

Hideaway Girl xxx

44 thoughts on “My Bucket List before I die!

  1. Awww, these are all so cool! This is a really good idea, to have a bucket list maybe I’ll give it a try! I also want to visit Australia, and go to Pompeii and definitely give back to my parents at least 1% of what they gave to me throughout my life. 🙂 Happy Sunday, enjoy the nice weather! 🙂

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  2. I also want to go to Pompeii. When I was younger, I saw a poster that belongs to my dad which says, Pink Floyd, Live in Pompeii and since I was only a kid, I have no idea where it is. From then on, it kinda stuck in my mind that it’s a place I gotta visit someday.

    You have a good list. Doable and sentimental.

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  3. These are amazing! I love these… And I would love to properly ride a horse. I’ve done those things when someone shows you how to ride a horse, and you look like an idiot… But I would love to do it properly

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  4. I love bucket lists. I have one myself but I do not know were I put it anymore. Stupid me. It is really, really long and I actually crossed out a couple things from it last year. I think all the things you want to do are awesome and I hope you will get to do them.

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  5. This is such a cute bucket list. I have one that I made when I was 10, and I’ve ticked a few things off such as climb a mountain, shower in a waterfall, go to Disney world, swim with dolphins etc. it’s amazing how many things you achieve in life!! And YES it’s such a beautiful day in England!!!

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  6. Writing a book and making a difference in this world are also two of my goals . I want to write a poetry book about my life in America and my experiences and for the making a difference in the world , I want to inspire people trought my blog and writing in general .
    Btw. These are great goals of yours and I hope you accomplished them in life . I enjoyed reading this as much as you’ve enjoyed writing them 🙂

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  7. These things sound amazing and i hope one day you will do them all. I have my own bucket list as well and i hope to do as may as i can before i die. Good luck.

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  8. hey im gonna start a blog soon and get a good ideas from ur blog (its pretty awesome). A suggestion though you should have a periodic bucket list…cuz hun I dont want you to die.

    Warm milk and cookies.
    Xx a-blogger-to-be

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