A little random catch up and YOUNOW

Hi,everyone! How are all of you guys doing? I’m revising SO much, I have no idea why but I feel like I’m kinda behind in class so I thought I would revise my arse off this weekend. I’ve just finished revising for 2 hours straight and decided to have a little break with you.

So put on the kettle and have a cuppa with me while I talk about my week with you.

Hey,do you want to do a younow?

Well, I’m on younow at the moment for about an hour so pop in and say hi if you would like and we can talk. Click here to say hi! 

I haven’t done really a catch up recently so I thought today, it could be a nice time to kinda talk about what’s happening in my life at the moment because I feel like I haven’t spoken about what I’ve been up to 🙂

This week has gone sooooo slow. It literally feels like monday was a year ago.

Monday feels like a year ago

I look at my calender and feel confused.

Why has this week gone so slow?

It’s not like when I snooze through maths.

hahahaha, a little song I just made up in three seconds, probably the crappest one too.

Okay, let’s actually start talking about what’s happened this week?

I’ve been super busy at school this week as we have this huge project we are doing in our business studies class. It’s called The Tenner Challenge and you have to make a small business with just £1o. Are any of you guys doing it?

It’s actually going pretty well. We are doing a bracelet company and a cleaning company for the teachers. We’ve gotten money from doing the cleaning but we haven’t started selling the bracelets yet.

I think it’s going to be a fail to be honest.

But in my personal life, nothing’s really happened. I feel alot better recently and more strong towards people who think it’s okay to hurt me.

In my romance life, nothing as usual which is good because all the boys at my school are jerks or taken so I rather just be on my own to be honest. No-drama- Ardrianna (you will get it if you watch 90210)

My friend, L, she’s broken up with her boyfriend and she seems kinda down about it (she’s going through that phrase when she’s singing to the Single Ladies). I’m worried about her but it’s kinda nice to have her back as not a zombie-in-love mode thing where she just thinks about boys.

I’m going job hunting next weekend for a job! I don’t know if I’ll get one but I’m still going to look with Elle. Have any of you guys got a job? Do you need a CV with you while looking for one?

At the moment, I’m on younow for about an hour so come along and have a chat with me!

Hideaway Girl xxx







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