I don’t have a personality.

Hi,everyone! How has the start of the week been going for you so far? Today has actually gone past really fast except from history which was boring and hideous as ever. Should I tell you what I had for lessons today? I’ll do it anyway.

Period 1 (lesson 1, not actually a period): English where I had to sit next to the most bitchist bitch that has ever walked the corridors of our school.

Period 2: Chemistry (a lesson where my mind is blank and in with the fairies)

Period 3: Psychology (where I switch to a genius, joking, I’m never a genius)

Period 4: History

Period 5: Physics.

In psychology, we have started a new topic and that is personality which I’m actually kinda looking forward to. My teacher asked us to write 5 of our personality traits and I found it really difficult because I’m different everyday and around certain people. So I wrote the personalities of me today which were moody and introvert.

But on Saturday, I was excited, happy, crazy and a extrovert.Maybe it was just the weekend vibes but I literally change every day! All of my friends could note down what their personalities were but I was just stuck there, not knowing what to put. Elle agrees with me, I don’t have a set personality.

I don’t know but this is weird and I don’t like it.

Anyway, this is only a short post to just tell you guys have I don’t have a certain personality. I’m writing another post now for you guys tomorrow which is going to funny.

Who do you think I am?

Hideaway Girl xxx


25 thoughts on “I don’t have a personality.

  1. Well, for one you are a beautiful blogger who likes butter and baloney. Just kidding, I don’t know if you like butter and baloney XD

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  2. Oh my gosh! I’m an introvert, but loud at home/the weekend. It’s so weird. I don’t know what I like to do… idk my personality 😛 It’s so weird 😦 What am I??? -quite-tomboykinda-introvert-boring- I hate this so much. I don’t talk or do stuff… what am i even like lol. I think you are an amazing person inside but it’s just hard to describe personality stuff for us 😛

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  3. You probably have tons of set personality traits [amazing traits, might I add] that you just haven’t discovered yet. And I know what you mean, I have tons of personalities too. One minute I might be all happy and talkative, the next I could be sulking in a corner, who knows? I’m pretty much unpredictable. xP

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  4. How old are you?

    If I may, what you said are not personality traits. They are your feelings on a said day.
    Traits : extrovert. Creative (writing) , I think I don’t know much about you.

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