I really really appreciate life.

Hi,everyone! How is your mother’s day going? Mine is going okay but it feels like a normal day to be honest. My nan and grandad have come around for lunch which was nice but grandad started singing this Australian song about how Mr Piper was sick because he had too much chicken soup? I don’t know but it made me feel a bit sick. And we were eating chicken :p

At school, a boy (in a few of my classes) saw his mum pass away on Thursday which kinda hit my heart. I felt so angry about the pain he must be going through and I felt helpless, I can’t do anything to get his mum back.

I went to town yesterday with a few of my friends to get my mother days presents and I saw him there with this dad and sister. I don’t think I would be able to go to town and see people fussing about getting the right Mother’s Day card after my mum passed away two days ago. I would want to get out of my small town, maybe even England.

But seeing how much he misses his mum, makes me love my mum even more and want to hold onto her for ever. Mother’s Day has been more appreciated this year more than other years after seeing what his poor boy is going through.

I just hope that you know how some of you are so lucky to have your mum.

Recently, I’ve been loving life and how I’ve been able to have a fantastic life so far. My life is so much better than some other people’s in the world. It’s not perfect but it’s better and I’m happy that I’m alive.

A few years, I always down and I didn’t think I would make it to who I am now. I’m happy, I have friends and people who care about me.

There’s pain in this world but you just have to make the best of your life. It’s okay to have bad days;it’s human.

I just love you guys so much and I really hope you’ve had a good day,

Hideaway Girl xxx




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