Are you joking,

I’m here crying,

And you say it was just a joke.

I’m really trying to smile,

But all I can think of is those three words,

How happy I was at one point

And the next, hugging my knees for something to hold on.


Three words can change my life,

It could be warming as when I’m with you,

Or it could be as sharp and painful as a knife.

Do you understand how I’m feeling?

How my heart flies high when I’m near you..

But now, whenever, I see you,

My brain says not to go near you.

To get over you.

To start over.


You say I can’t take a joke.

But this joke has been going on for years..

I know what this joke is..

It’s me and you.


I tried to bring myself in someone else’s shoes in this poem


Hideaway Girl xxx



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