Jesus Mangos.

Hi,everyone! How has your day been? Mine’s been okay, I’ve done all my homework so I’m now going to chill back and do another blog post for you guys. My room looks so tumblr right now. I have these really cute fairy lights by my window and I have a vase on my wall! Isn’t that awesome?! I just feel so like a typical white girl which is what my friends call me but I don’t understand why they call me that…because I know I’m white.

Anyway, let’s change the subject before I start ranting.

Being a clumsy girl, I always seem to hurt myself. I either trip over a chair like I did in biology last period or I fall down the stairs like I did in the Six Form block today. I swear a lot (due to these regular situations) but recently, I’ve been trying to slow it down but saying fudge or bullocks. *Noticing I sound like I’m really posh* But somehow, I’ve started to say Jesus Mangos.

I have no clue why but I’m just blurting out Jesus Mangos which makes me look more like a fool than when I asked if Mexico was in Spain. I don’t do geography, okay?

The thing  which I’m really scared about is that I’m going to say Jesus Mangos near a religious teacher at school and they will think I’m insulting Jesus.

Maybe I say mangos at the end to make it seem like I’m not swearing……

Even though saying Jesus isn’t swearing.

I nearly said Jesus isn’t swearing.

I feel like I should stop now.

Well, see you tomorrow!

Hideaway Girl xxx





27 thoughts on “Jesus Mangos.

  1. Jesus mangos. I say poop. Although now that i read this, don’t be surprised if I start saying that too. Even though you wouldn’t know because idk you irl 😛
    I also once heard someone say “holy chicken mother”

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  2. HAHA XD Best title ever 🙂 Some people say fudge or cheezits. I just groan or say dangit or crap or poop- I remember saying like something really stupid. I never curse though. lol cheezits XD man i forgot what i said, but if i remember i’ll let you know cause it’s stupid XD

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  3. WOAH AS i was commenting I saw at the bottom of the page, Happiness comes from within. That’s why it feel so good to fart”. u just made my day XD

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  4. I’m an atheist so I don’t have to worry about offending anyone (even though I’ve accidentally offended pretty much every Christian in my class, oops)
    If you’re around an adult, saying ‘Sugar Honey Ice Tea’ really fast expresses all annoyance without getting in trouble 😂😄

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