A little bit of a confusing post.

Some girls are just as bad as some boys. I’m not going to be writing ‘some’ this whole blog post so don’t take it as if I’m saying all boys or girls to do this. Let’s start again.

Girls are just as bad as boys. Girls mess boys around and break their hearts into a million pieces, how cheesy is that? I’m kinda fed up with people who go out or date people who they aren’t sure they are interested in and think it’s okay to go into a commitment where both people are meant to know that they love each other. I’ve been in a relationship, where I wasn’t sure if I liked them, and I cringe about how stupid and mean that I said yes to someone who I didn’t know if I liked them in that way.

But I feel like I’ve learnt a lot this short year about things and I have become a more mature person. I feel like I need to change how I am about certain things and I need to stop being so freaking sensitive.ย I also need to learn how to let go of certain people and show them that I’m stronger than they think.

I feel like my personality and behaviour in school has been…….well, let’s say more confident. I haven’t got into any trouble but I’ve been the opposite of the quiet girl in the back of the class room which was me last year.

Has anyone been through this?

I don’t know but I feel like a new person. This new person is good in some ways and in some ways, isn’t.

I don’t know but I’m sorry if this rant has bored you but I will back to my normal self tomorrow and won’t be off in her thoughts…okay, maybe I will.

But thank you guys for always being here for me and I’ll see you tomorrow with another post,

Hideaway Girl xxx

17 thoughts on “A little bit of a confusing post.

  1. About a year ago, i had that sort of transition. Not from shy to more confident but with more of a personality thing. I also cut 11 inches off my hair and redecorated my room, all in one summer =)
    nice post!
    Boys fight with their fists, but girls get inside your head and make very waking hour hell =)
    I go to an all girls school so imagine the drama XD

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