My Childhood| The Nostalgia Tag

Hi,everyone! I’m in London at the moment, probably freezing my toes on my canal boat but I’ve scheduled this tag for you guys today so you won’t start missing me 🙂 I was nominated by the amazing Rosypop, who is such a adorable blogger and you should really check her out.


The Rules for this tag are:

1.) Make sure to thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog

2.)Answer all of the questions, if you don’t know just leave the question. 

3.) Remember to copy and paste the lame (I think it’s a really cute)  picture and rules!

4.) Have a good time>:D

5.) Tag as many people as you want! You are never limited.

Let’s get started!

  1.  What are some of the tv shows you remember watching as a child? 

I watched a lot of Milkshake and Cbeebies.. I used to get super early to watch Milkshake, sorry Mum! I loved watching Peppa Pig on Milkshake and I still do whenever my little cousins are with me 😉 Fifi and her flower friends freaked me out so I never watched that. On Cbeebies, I would watch 64 Zoo Land before bed and when In The Night Garden replaced it, I was really upset.

2a.  What were the classic movies? 

My first ever movie I watched at the cinema with my mum was Pooh’s heffalump movie when I was 3 or 4 and I absolutely loved it! I think I actually went up on stage there because there was this activity thing for the little ones. I remember being terrified!

I loved (still do) The Lion King and we would always rent it out at this store when I was little. I think my favourite one was the second one because nobody died in that Lion King (I think) and because the main character was a girl lion.

2b.  movies you remember watching?

*I’ve already kinda did this question so I missed it out*

3.Best memories about being little?

I actually have quite a good memory which has come really handy in this blog post! Anyway, my favourite memory is when I cried to nursery and when I got there, a really kind boy asked me if  I wanted to help him make a pasta necklace. I immediately felt better and that’s when he became my best friend. The sad thing is that I can’t remember his name and I haven’t spoken to him since I moved away from London.

4. Some of the things you did when you were little?

I remember loving this doll which pooped and weed which I am still fascinated about. I can’t really remember any toys but I know I quite liked My Little Ponies and liked day dreaming. I even remember daydreaming after seeing a dead rat that he became alive and decided to be my pet. I was a weird child.

5. Some philosophy from your childish “Socrates”. Jk just list some things that you used to think.

I used to think when you hit the age of 13, you would become like a total different person in a split second. I realised that when I got to 13, I was the complete same person than when I was 12.I also thought that dogs would talk only to their owners but wouldn’t talk to strangers.

 6. What was your favourite toy?

Already answered it. that you played?

I use to play Power Rangers with the people in my class. I would always want to be the pink one 🙂

My nominations:


Chloe Lauren 



Radical Mermaid 

If you have already done this post or don’t want to do it, don’t worry, you don’t have to do it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and I’ll see you guys soon with another post 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx

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