Annoying Things Parents Do!

Hi,everyone! So about a month ago, I wrote a blog post called ‘Annoying Things Little Kids Do!’ and I thought I would do a post about annoying things parents do. I hope you enjoy this post as much as you like ‘Annoying Things Little Kids Do!’

But before we get started, I just wanted to say that my parents care for me and so on but there is some annoying things they do.

Anyway, let’s get going!


When they always tell you to get off your phone

I hardly ever go on my phone. My phone hardly connects to WiFi or gets signal. So whenever I do get WiFi, I go on it but my parents still go ‘You’re always on your phone. Get off it and socialise!’ I don’t want to socialise, I want to get a new high score on flappy bird. (yup, I have flappy bird on my phone. It’s that old.)

Comparing me to my friends.

My parents are always saying ‘Now, I bet so and so don’t do that’ or ‘She has really nice manners unlike you’  I should just leave and get an adoption leaflet for them.

Yelling at you when you asked a simple question.

giphy (4)

They always get annoyed when I ask what’s for tea! It’s very upsetting. I just like to know what I am going to have.. Jesus Mangos.

Embarrassing me in front of my friends. 


I don’t know if they understand this or not but please do not act like complete idiots around my friends! Please don’t mention things that I’ve done at home in a private setting.

Offering to help but they decline .

I always sometimes offer to cook but my mum is always like ‘no,it’s fine sweetie’ but ten minutes later, she will be complaining about how no one helps around the house.

Asking so many questions. 

Before I go to meet my friends, my dad will ask about 50 questions in the space of a minute. ‘Will there be any boys?’ ‘When will you be back?’ ‘Who’s going again?’ ‘Which Ellie?’ ‘Elle up the road or Smellie Ellie?’ It feels like bloody question time.

Keep nagging you after you say ‘okay.’ 

Normal nagging goes like:

I don’t want you to do that again.

Okay,I won’t

Never ever ever.


I mean it. It’s embarrassing.



Coming into my room and just look out of the window and leave.

giphy (1)

My dad does this really annoying thing when he comes into my room, looks out of the window and leaves. It’s the most irritating thing ever.

Not closing the door after they leave.


They never close the door and it annoys me so much…

When they’re mad at someone else but they yell at you.


Whenever my brother gets yelled at, they will yell at me as well and it’s the most annoying thing ever. It always seems like it’s my fault when my brother doesn’t do his homework.

Shouting for me to move to talk to them.

It’s like I have to move when they want to talk to me. They never move when I want to talk to them. Unfair.

Talking really loudly while I’m trying to fall asleep!

giphy (3)

Whenever I’m awake and they’re asleep, I creep around like a silent ninja. They stomp around like there’s elephants in the house.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, I really enjoyed writing it! I hope you are having a really good day, I’ve been doing alot of revision. Tip: Don’t leave revision the day before the test.

I’ll see you guys later with another post!

Hideaway Girl xxx


80 thoughts on “Annoying Things Parents Do!

  1. Haha I loved reading this! Also when they call you from the other side of the house and expect you to hear them, the you go “what did you say?” and they get annoyed because they think you weren’t listening to them. I COULDN’T HERE YOU OKAY😂-Tash xx

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  2. The worst for me is when my room’s the perfect temperature and my mum comes in to talk about her day and leaves the door open. Seriously mum… The worst thing that my dad does is gets mad at me because of my brother. We’re pretty much polar opposites

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      1. But you missed out when they mistake my name for my brother’s. My dad’s known me for long enough to know the difference between me and my brother

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  3. The shouting to talk to them one is literally just my life. As well as when they shout your name from another room and you reply but then they never say anything back?!?!?! So I have to leave whatever it is that I’m doing to go and find out what they want, and usually it’s just some pathetic thing that they could have easily done themselves!

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  4. OMG I still have flappy bird XD at first I sucked but it’s pretty easy now. I’m good at those types of games, TERRIBLE at the games my bro plays- like shooting stuff. I suck at those…. 😛 like really bad…. Omg I can relate to most of these it’s hilarious XD

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  5. I can relate to loads of these, especially the window one! That really annoys me as well, I thought I was the only one haha! Great post 🙂


  6. Oh my gosh!!! My parents do the same thing. My friend was over and she got into some big dance company. And my moms like”oh my god we’re so proud of you. See how Margery sticks with her hobbies. You never stick with my hobbies.” When the things I like to do. She won’t let me do. I’m like.
    Ugh… I give up😒

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  7. hey, I just started a blog of my own when I stumbled across yours. Could you please tell me how you got your layout to be so nice?

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  8. Now this i can relate to so much, my parents are the physical manefestation of a double standard. when i finished reading this i almost died of laughter, the way you phrased it was absolutely brilliant


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