Things that happened in primary school.

Hi,everyone! So I’ve made a huge list of things that I and my friends did at primary school as I thought it would be kinda funny to travel back in time and see how different it was in primary school than secondary school. Let’s get started!

  1. School Discos

My primary school discos were a big thing for us, it was like prom for us every term. I would pick the outfit which had the cutest dog on it, let my hair down rather than having it in a pony tail and I would even buy glowsticks!! Except in year 3 and 4, I wasn’t allowed to have glowsticks because in year 2, I drank them and my mum banned me to wear them. It was very upsetting. My heart would be all butter flying the whole day and all of the girls would talk about what they were going to wear or eat. One of my best friends in primary school always had a boyfriend and would always have drama in the disco. It was always talked about if they were going to go out or not and it felt like Made In Chelsea. In Year 3, I sat out of this slow dance thing where you had to go in partners and all of my friends abandoned me. Then a boy, who I had a crush on for the rest of primary school, asked me if I wanted to dance. I said yes and it was so awkward. By the time we got to the dance floor, the music was about to end and everyone was staring at us. The next day at school, I was super excited and I thought that this guy was going to ask me out but when I got into class, one of his friends asked him why he asked me to dance with him and told him I had nits. I think in Year 5 and 6, I was chased by this boy who was the most creepiest child you would ever met. I never got a boyfriend in primary school.

2. Golden Time!

On a Friday for 20 minutes, we would have golden time which basically was when we could do a shitty activity which was on a list. If you had been bad once that week, you would have a ‘minute’ and if you had been bad twice that week, you would have ‘2 minutes’. Get it? I don’t think I ever got a minute in primary school because I was a kiss ass.

For golden time, everyone would want to play outside and go on the scooters but only 20 people in the whole school could do it, so if got on the list, we were basically loyalty.

3. Birthdays!

Whenever it was someone’s birthday in the class, they would bring in a bag of Harbios and would be popular the whole day. I think I was the only kid who’s mum always forgot to buy the sweets.

4. Cats intruding!

We had alot of houses around our school and this one neighbour’s cat would always come into our school. Everyone would like try and talk to cat, and be like ‘I KNOW CATS. MY AUNTIE HAS ONE.’ All of the teachers would start panicking and would have like a fence of dinner ladies surrounding the school playground, incase the cat comes and tear our faces off.

5. Wearing lip balmΒ 

Whenever I wore lip balm at primary school, I felt like a proper bad ass and I would like show off to my friend’s about it.



This is part 1 and I will be doing one next week because this blog post would be super long. I hope you all had a lovely day and I’ll see you tomorrow with another post πŸ™‚

Hideaway Girl xxx

38 thoughts on “Things that happened in primary school.

  1. Oh my gosh!! How I remember Golden Time! Once I had my golden time taken off me because I need to go to the toilet during lesson time haha πŸ˜€ xxx

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  2. Hahah great post! I always think back to things I did in primary school and laugh itπŸ˜‚ We had Golden time too! It was the best thing ever we used to feel so cool wearing baby lips lipgloss to schoolπŸ˜‚ Please do more of these!!:) x

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  3. Omg this is all so true!! at my school we still have this cat who comes into the drama and art classrooms!! it has caused a bit of a feud though, because in drama we call him Stan, but in art they call him Bobby (obvs Stan is best!!). I find the fact that you drank the glow sticks too funny though :’) btw I am a new blogger so you can check out my blog if you want πŸ™‚ loved this post so much!!

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  4. Ha ha loved this post! The discos were a big thing in my primary school as well, I remeber girls came in the shortest dresses and it was awful πŸ™‚ Please carry on doing this, it reminded me of when I was in primary school! Xxxx

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  5. School discos was in buzz of the whole school year, drinking fruit shoots was the old vodka. Bringing in sweets for the whole class made you the popular girl or boy if you think about it them days was all about competition and so much trying to impress people πŸ™‚ this post is so on point

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  6. OMG, the schools disco one just reminded me of a time at my old school where one of the boys went into the girls toilets and it was literally the most shocking thing to ever happen to any of us! And we weren’t allowed to bring in sweets to share, we had to bring in fruit!! Urgh!

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  7. you’re school discos were exactly like mine! Golden Time was the best, but we had am hour instead of 20 minutes! Were you allowed to bring in your rubbish nintendos? Because all the boys did and the girls did colouring! Haha!

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