My immature friends.

Hi,everyone! Yesterday, I had a sleepover with the single ladies and it was actually pretty great. We weren’t mopping around,looking at pictures of Zac Efron or even talking about boys in general. It was just nice way to spend Valentines with your friends and I really enjoyed it.

The friends I hanged out with today are my ‘immature’ friends. They are the ones where I get to act as stupid as I want without having to be told off to grow up. We spent ages on snapchat, posting funny pictures and video of ourselves, making fools of ourselves bastically. But do you ever have that thing when you wake up in the morning the next day and regret everything you put on snapchat? I had it. It’s apparently what hangovers feel like.

Being with my immature friends, we downloaded an app called Pou. We used to play this in Year 6 and it was like the best game ever. Have any of you played this? Anyway, I made a new pou and it’s called valentine. By the way, if you want to add me, my username is valentineparr.

We got up fairly early like around 8 so we decided to take a bus to a village near us (let’s call the village, Grissel) and just wander around because we had nothing to do in this annoying small town. We got the number 1 bus to grissel and got a day pass so we could just get a bus everywhere and not walk there. We wanted to go to this landmark so I took charge and said I know where I’m going. I thought I knew were I was going, Turns out I didn’t.

After an hour on the bus, I gave up and we went to a chippy instead. On the way home, the bus was packed and I got to sit near to these annoying year 7’s who had cigarettes in their pockets. They were talking about how they have smoked weed and have done the whole lot. It was awful. On the other side of me, I had a really bitchy 4 year old who has the perfect looks. I thought he was going to be sweet and nice. But no. He hit me the whole time and I was so close to actually punch him.

I’m joking.

Today was actually a really good day and I hope you had a good day too.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to read your posts as I have been super busy but tomorrow, I will be back to my usual addicted-to-the-computer self so don’t worry.

Also if you guys want to do a collab with me, please email me at or comment down below.

Hideaway Girl xxx

p.s: I’m about to take a bath so look out for a lush bath bomb review soon.


28 thoughts on “My immature friends.

  1. I literally know what you means about the year 7’s, its actually shocking the amount of year 7’s and 8’s that do things like that at my school-its awful! I’m glad you had a good time with your friends πŸ™‚ -Tash xx

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      1. Oh yeah, me too. I mean, 7th grade has been a while ago for me, but I do remember not doing ANYTHING bad. I felt like I would get in BIG trouble if I did. I guess kids these days just really don’t care.

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      1. Fun. My friend and I used to talk about pou only, annoying the whole swim team πŸ™‚ By the way I would love to collaborate with you

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  2. It sounds like you had a great time! Ugh I really understand the snapchat thing, but to be honest its to late and practically everyone has seen it! Haha

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