Things I love.

Hi,everyone! Happy Valentines Day 🙂

Okay so I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of weeks and I think Valentines Day is a good day to do it and I’m in a happy mood so why not?


  1. Reading books. Okay, I really like books. I sound like a nerd. But I like how my mind drifts off to another world and I get to be someone else.
  2. The Summer. Summer is the season I’m the most happiest  in. I love how it’s sunny and school is about to finish. All Some of the teachers are more happier and students have just finished their exams. Last summer was probably the best summer I’ve ever had. I was so happy and I wasn’t that stressed. I miss the summer because it was just one of those times which make me smile.
  3. Singing Okay, I might not be good at it but I love singing 🙂 If I’m not talking, I’m singing and it just makes me happy.
  4. Music. I don’t really know I would do without music. My life would be kinda depressing and I listen to music when I’m annoyed to when I’m really happy. Music expresses who I am. That sounds really cheesy.Sorry.
  5. My bedroom. My bedroom is probably the place I spend the most time in. It has every thing I need in there and it’s actually a really nice room. Would you like a room tour one day? Tell me in the comments below.
  6. My Dog. My dog is my best friend. I got him 5 years ago and he is just always been there for me. I might actually write a post about him soon.
  7. Taking photos with Jobo I love going around where I live and having photography walks with Jobo. In the winter, we bring hot chocolates with us and in the summer, we lick icecreams.
  8. Shopping I love my clothes which means a lot of shopping. My wardrobe/bedside table is nearly full up with clothes and I need to get a bigger one! I love wearing clothes which I feel like pretty in.
  9. Laughing. Everyone loves laughing. Right?
  10. Friends and Family. Obvious one.
  11. Romantic Comedies Whenever you are in a shitty mood, watch them even though they are as cheesy as fuck.

Today is Valentines Day as you can tell by the couples posting annoying pictures of themselves snogging their boy/girlfriend’s face on Instagram. I am going over to my friend’s house to have a sleepover in an hour so I’m sorry if I can’t read your posts or reply to your comments straight away but I’ll try and talk to you guys later.

I hope you all have a good day with your friends, special ones, your dog or on your own. Tell me what you are doing today in the comments below and I’ll see you tomorrow with other post 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx

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