The corners of death.

Do you have that worry whenever you go around a corner, you will bump into something and embarrass yourself?

I’m not being metaphorical or anything. I literally have a fear of corners.

At school, even though it’s quite big, I somehow always find myself falling into someone or tripping over a year 7 midget. But the worst thing about the walking around my school, is the corners.

The corners of death.


I try and avoid the corners but being part of the sea of students after class, it’s impossible not to go through the pain and trauma of turning around the corner. You sweat to think that you might bump into the strictest (and ugliest) teacher in the universe, you pray that you won’t bump into a stressy year 11 or to go through the cringe attack of a year 7 falling into your boobs.


You are probably think I’m over reacting but it is very stressful!

But the thing is the year 10’s at our school are all really chavy and will become drug addicts. So if you bump into a year 10, you should just sign your death will then. Year 11’s just grunt and push past you which is so much better then getting sworn at a million words by minute.

The other thing which annoys me is when the people behind you just stop behind you and create traffic to just watch you getting shouted at. Everyone gets even more crowded and it looks like this:


Please tell me in the comments below if you have the same problem every day because it’s really worrying seeing my other friends not getting in this. Anyway, I hope you liked this post and I’ll see you next time with another post 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx


27 thoughts on “The corners of death.

  1. YES I DO. I’m that year 11 that goes around corners and awkwardly tries to navigate through year 7’s, apart from that one time I yelled “GET OUT OF MY WAY MORTALS!” I was stressed okay 😀

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  2. i accidentally hit a year 11 (one of the really horrid and slutty ones) in the boobs with my satchel the other day, i literally thought i was gonna die! I didn’t even look back i just ran to my next class! =0
    Funny post though, i totally agree! =)
    Year 7’s can be so annoying sometimes, we have some really mean ones at my school and they are constantly bullying each other which sucks for the rest of us in different years who have to listen to them!

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  3. YES OMG I FEEL THIS it’s like the whole which way do I go thing… -.- I thought you meant like real corners bc I hate real corners bc I’m aLWAYS FRIGGING BUMPING MY HIP INTO CORNERS. Once I walked into my room, somehow bumped into the wall, walked away so that my left hip hit the corner of my desk, and then proceeded to clutch my left hip as I walked into the corner of my bed frame like pls T_T

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