A Thousand Splendid Suns-Book Review.

Hi,everyone! I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini the other day and I thought it would really nice to write a short book review about this book. Welcome to Hideaway’s Book Club! *whooping*


As I said in my last book review, I’m not very good at describing at what happens in books so I normally copy off the blurb so here you go..

The book, which spans a period of over 40 years, from the 1960s to 2003, focuses on the tumultuous lives and relationship of Mariam and Laila, two Afghan women. Mariam, an illegitimate child, suffers from the stigma surrounding her birth and the abuse she faces throughout her marriage. Laila, born a generation later, is comparatively privileged during her youth until their lives intersect and she is also forced to accept a marriage proposal from Rasheed, Mariam’s husband.

My mum recommended this book to me but I didn’t like the look of it so I didn’t read it. I thought it looked a bit too mature and boring for me so I thought I wouldn’t bother reading the book. But then I saw one of my favourite bloggers on wordpress talking about this book so I decided to read it and I’m happy I did.

I found the first quarter of the book a bit boring and predictable but when I got to Part Two, it was brilliant. I loved having the two main females, Laila and Mariam, in this book because I think having the main character, Mariam, on her own would be really boring. The friendship between them two is really unexpected and the loyalty that Mariam gives is incredible.

When Laila first married Rashedd, Mariam’s husband, I found her a bit spoilt and annoying but towards the end, I became to like her.

The book isn’t predictable at all and I really enjoyed the book. The ending is the most perfect solid ending ever, I think this book will probably be in one of my favourites this year.

I highly recommend this book to read as it’s really eye opening and inspiring. This book deserves a 4 out of 5 stars.

If you would like to know a little more about the books I’m reading then please check out my Goodreads account. I hope you guys enjoyed this book review and please do read this book 🙂

I’ll see you soon with another post and have a good day!

Hideaway Girl xxx


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