How to handle rejection!

Hi,everyone! So today I wanted to talk about rejection as it’s nearly Valentine’s Day and I know a few of you have be declined so I thought why not write a blog post about it. I have been rejected loads of times (yup,loner) and every time, I have actually handled it okay so I thought I would actually be good at giving you guys so advice.

  1. It’s okay to be upset. Take some time off from other people and process the rejection in your head. Go for a walk and think or just stay at home and eat ice cream. I would do both. Those are two of my favourite things.

2. Don’t go crazy and spend loads of time in your house, sinking in misery. It will make you 100 times more crap so try and spend time with your friends.

3. Talk to your best friend. Your best friend is meant to be here for you. It’s in their ‘best friend contract’. But don’t keep whining about it because it will annoy them and they will probably stop listening to you. Just have a conversation about it over a coffee and hug it out with them.

4. Avoid going on social media! You have the urge to write a sad breakup quote and complain that you have had a shitty day. People don’t want to see that and people will see that you can’t handle rejection well.

5. Accept the rejection. Don’t going begging them. It’s time to let go and even though it might take a little time to get over them, you will able to find someone else who will like you back.

6. Don’t take it personally. It isn’t your fault. It didn’t work for that person and you have to accept that not everyone will like you in that way.

7. It’s actually kinda good. If the person hadn’t rejected you, you would be in not a true relationship. It’s better to be single than to be in a unloving one-way relationship.


So I hope this helps some of you guys out and I hope you have had a good day! I’ve finished school now for the half term which is brilliant. I’ve got a few things planned with my friends and I think I’m going to be doing a photography post soon 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx

17 thoughts on “How to handle rejection!

  1. I totally agree with the avoiding social media part. Sometimes girls just post they’re having a bad day and when you ask them they won’t tell you….
    Hahah some girls I mean,some are just like meh! 😀

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