Failing Pancake Day..

Hi,everyone! It was pancake day yesterday and I totally forgot to say Happy Pancake Day to you. So HAPPY PANCAKE DAY (from yesterday). Every year, my mum makes the pancakes from scratch which are usually eatable..not yummy but eatable if you pour lots of syrup, sugar and nutella on it! (I love calories) Getting back to the point, my mum has just started a job and as an excuse, she thought she would use Auntie Bessie’s (a company, not actually my auntie) pancake mix as she was really exhausted.

Usually, I go upstairs on pancake day because I don’t want to be shouted at in a mist of stress from my mum. But this year, she made me help Β  stand there and watch. At the back of the packet, I was reading the instructions, showing mum that you have to put in only a certain small amount. But no, being stubborn like me, she pour big bag of pancake mix in the bowl and only added one egg. It was awful.

After a while, she noticed it wasn’t working and decided to finally look at the back of the packet. She obviously knew sheΒ made the mistakre but blamed it on me for telling her! I told her about 5 times, totally didn’t tell her.

We decided to give up after causing so much mess in the room and it looked like a flour bomb had gone off in our kitchen.

For pancake day, we had crackers and nutella which was actually better than pancakes πŸ™‚

Even though we failed pancake day, I actually think this was the best pancake day I ever had and it will definitely be one of my memories πŸ™‚

I hope you had a lovely day and I will see you soon with another blog post!

Hideaway Girl xxx


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