The Experimenter- Small Lush review

Hi,everyone! So I just had a bath with The Experimenter and I have seen mixed reviews about this product so I thought it would be a good idea to show you what I thought of it 🙂


It has a very sweetly scent which I quite liked but I warn you, don’t put your nose near the bath bomb or you will get glitter on your nose. It’s a very colourful bath bomb! When I put The Experimenter in the bath, it looked great but when I actually got in the bath, the colours, of course, mixed together. It went very murky and it didn’t look very nice.

Despite the appearance, it did relax me and having some neck pains, it made it alot my neck so much more comfortable.

I wouldn’t buy this product again but it did help me relax.

Hideaway Girl xxx

6 thoughts on “The Experimenter- Small Lush review

  1. Nice review! I love the colour! But it’s such a shame that it turns murky when it’s mixed – that’s expected but I hope they find a way to keep the colours there when we step in 😁

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