I’m a abessed shitting parrot.

Hi,everyone! As to the celebration of having one year on my blog, I decided to post ALOT of blog posts for you guys this weekend. I haven’t done a Q&A in a while so I thought why not? Let’s get started 🙂

What is your favourite thing about blogging?-Misstery Blog

I really like the community around blogging and how we all share ideas with each other.

What do you typically do when you are bored?-Ally

Hm.. I don’t really get bored but when I do, I either listen to music, write a blog post, read blog posts, watch youtube videos and try and think of blog posts. But if that doesn’t cure my boredom, I just have a massive nap.

Favourite book? – Dziey

I have loads of favourites but I think the one I really like is ‘More Than This’ by the brilliant Patrick Ness. It’s a very unusual book but it’s very very tense. I couldn’t stop reading this book and it’s just an amazing book. I recommend this hugely!

Do you have any talents?-Dziey

I can put my feet behind my neck. That’s about it.

Novel or a movie?- Dziey. 

Probably a novel if I was going to buy one because they last longer and I like reading. A novel feels more personal as well 🙂

Favourite Song at the moment? -Dziey 

I have loads so I made a little playlist for you guys to listen to 🙂

Favourite blog post you’ve written?-Mybloggingserect 

I’ve written so many posts and I can’t pick, seriously. Every post,except from one, I have really enjoyed writing. Um..I don’t know. But you can tell me what’s your favourite post that I’ve written. There’s so many.

Who’s your favourite person ever? -Mybloggingserect. 

Nice try, Elle. I can’t pick. Um..I don’t know. Elle picks really hard questions.

How many of your new year’s resolutions have you kept so far? 

I’ve actually done quite well. I’ve continued to enjoy my blog, I’ve written more, I’ve drank lots of water but I haven’t kept to healthy eating but that’s because of Elle and our lunches after helping out at  gymnastics.

Favourite Memory? -Radical Mermaid

I have one when I was around 4 and I was at my aunties house. My older cousin, Charlotte, was doing my makeup and looking back at it now, it was  probably awful. We then went downstairs to see our mums and my auntie said I looked beautiful and laughed. That’s the only memory I have of my auntie as she  died a few months later of cancer.

Where do you see your blog next year? -Parisian Pages

I have literally no idea. But I think I will still be doing it next year.

Anything you want to accomplish for your blog?-Parisian Pages

Not really. I would like to collaborate with a blogger near Valentines Day so if any of you are interested, please tell me in the comments below!

Why did I start blogging?- Happy Alex 

I honestly don’t know. I don’t know where I got the idea from but I just decided to start to write one because I wanted to do something.

Favourite Month? – Happy Alex.

I think last year, my favourite month was June as it was the summer and everything was good! So maybe June or July are my favourite months.

Do you prefer vintage looking things?-Emily 

My room is very vintage! It has this really cute vase attached to the wall which loads of pictures from pinterest.   I do really wear vintage fashion but it’s really diffulcily to find vintage clothing around here so I  just wear big baggy jumpers and leggings with a pair of converse 🙂

Would you change the date of your birthday if you could? -Emily

My birthday is 7th  October which I think is a little too close to Christmas for me so I would change it to 7th April because it’s a seems like a perfect month to have you birthday in.

Using your initials, make them an acronym for a really weird phrase (I know not really a question | e.g abc = Australian bizarre crocodile)-Emily

Abessed Shitting Parrot.

So I basically called myself an ab-obessed shitting parrot. I’m brilliant!

Team chicken or egg?-Emily

I like Nandos so chicken. Egg’s no.I hate eggs.

Have you ever gone cloud-gazing? Did you see any shapes if you did?-Emily

No, not really. I should do though 🙂


Hope you’ve enjoyed this Q&A, I have! I’m going to be posting my award posts tomorrow so if you have nominated me for an award, please tell me below to remind me!

Also, The New Generation Thing ‘A little bit of advice‘ is due on Monday so make sure to tell me if you’ve done it 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx



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