A Huge Lush Collection Haul!

Hi,everyone! I thought it would be really cool to show you my lush collection and what my first impressions are. This is a kinda beauty one which I never really do on this blog but I think it’s nice to have a mixture so I thought why not?

Hope you enjoy the post and make sure you tell me what you think of some of products which I have got 🙂 Also, these photos aren’t mine as I don’t have very good quality camera.

Bath bombs and bars

Okay so this list is going to be super long..

The Experimenter 


I’m really excited to use this one as I’ve heard so many good things about it. I love the smell of vanilla but it has a nice strong scent of mint mixed with it. Having glitter around it, it might not be for the people who don’t like cleaning their baths out afterwards.

Think Pink 


This smells very sweet but not unbearable like Snow Fairy which can be a little strong in the morning. I’ve seen reviews about this bath bomb and how it scent lingers on your body for the rest of day.  So I would have this in a bath before I go out 🙂



I’m expecting there to hear a bit of crackle by the looks of the popping candy on top of the bath bomb. The smell reminds me of chocolate orange but I have heard that it’s not strong enough in the bath.

Father Christmas 

father_christmas_web (1)

I’ve had this bath bomb before and I would say I was rather disappointed in it. It just made my bath green and that’s it.



I think this is a really  lovely cute bear which I’ll love to have in my bath when I have dry skin. I really like the cute nose it has but I’m hoping it’s going to be as good as the butterball.



Now, I actually brought one before but I gave it to my friend,Lily, for Christmas. She said it was really good and that it was super colourful. I love a rainbow bath so I’m really looking forward to be having one of these.

Yog Nog 


I really like the name and the design of the bath bomb  🙂 Apparently, it’s very long-lasting and moistening so I’m very positive about this one!

Candy Mountain 


I love this one last year as it made my bath so pink and bubbly!

Shoot for the Stars


This was probably my favourite bath bomb last year and I think it’s great for new comers to lush.

Shower Gels and extra

Happy Hippy


I love this shower gel, it has such a good impact on my day. It smells like Refreshers and it lasts me such a long time.

Snow Fairy


This is a very sweet scent but I do really like the effect it has on me when I step out the shower. I just smell great!

The Comforter 


I think this is my favourite. I love the texture and the colour. Don’t worry the colour won’t stain you. I recommend this to everyone 🙂


That’s all I got! Hope you enjoyed this blog post and make sure to comment any small reviews about the products 🙂

For The New Generation Thing, all posts are due on Monday so get writing 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx



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