Je suis Charlie.

Imagine if you were killed because you shared your views. Imagine if you didn’t have the right to own a blog, to write or to draw your emotions and beliefs. It’s crazy isn’t it? Now, I bet most of you guys reading this are bloggers. People with ideas and views. In some places around this world, you would be killed. Yup,killed.

I can’t fully function that around my head. I would have been killed.

If I didn’t have a blog, my life would be so much more different. I would not being able to share my views or my problems. I wouldn’t have you guys to talk to.

But imagine living in England and writing about your views on your blog. A few weeks later, you go to school or work and was tracked down and shot. You were shot because of your views. You lost the rest of your life because you wrote about your views.

That’s what happened to 10 people on the 7th January 2015 in Paris, France. Cartoonists, editors, writers,journalist and publishers were killed because of their speech. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO SHARE A VIEW, NOBODY SHOULD BE PUNISHED FOR IT.

You can knock me down;you can try to kill me but I WILL NEVER LET YOU SHUT ME UP.

I’m annoyed. Pissed off in fact. Because those innocent people who didn’t hurt anyone got murdered.

Murdered by cowards.

And WE need to show them that we are not scared of those cowards. Those innocent people who got murdered, fought for something and we need to continue fighting for them.

Don’t be frightened because we need to show them that we are going to fight until they understand it.


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