Primark Trip Haul

Hi,everyone! As it was the sales after Christmas, me and my friends went to Southampton shopping centre to spend our Christmas money. I didn’t get us much stuff as I thought I would but I’m very happy with my buys so I decided to show you guys what I Β got πŸ™‚

All of this stuff is from Primark but some of these things might not be in store anymore as it was sales. I hope you enjoy this post and of course, this isn’t sponsored I just really like Primark and their products!


The first thing I put in my basket was this lovely chunky roll neck t-shirt which only cost Β£12.00 Β which I think is exactly really good as it’s a very comfy material. I was pretty scared about high necks but it looks really cute (it’s not Β really big high neck) and it’s not uncomfortable around the collar. I could probably sleep in this jumper as it’s so nice and big on me.


When I went shopping, my aim was to get a nice t-shirt as most of my closet is jumpers so I went and picked up this really cute t-shirt which only cost Β£5! If this was New Look, it would be at least Β£10. It’s see through so I will be wearing a vest underneath but I thought this top would be really nice for the summer which seems like ages away 😦 In actual fact, it’s a loose top which I don’t really go for normally but it had such a cute design that I decided that the design was worth it Β πŸ™‚


I’ve wanted a striped t-shirt for ages but Primark never did one which I suited but finally there was one! I really the striped t-shirt and I think this would look really good with dungarees and converse. This is quite a nice loose top too. I think I’m starting to get a thing for loose tops πŸ˜›


I also got a Pineapple and Ginger scented candle, I really liked the smell of it but when I burned it, it didn’t really give the strong scent which I smelt when I was buying it. It was only Β£1 so it wasn’t bad that I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. It’s has very nice packing and I think the glass jar looks very tumblr πŸ˜‰

I got a pink one but I couldn’t find a pink one on the Primark website so there was this one which is excatly the same but a different colour. I think my friend got a grey one πŸ™‚ x

The last thing I brought was a pink thrown which is the most comfortable thing ever! I’ve put it on my bed and it’s nice nice to have wrapped around me when I got to bed at night. It only cost Β£5 which is amazing!

That’s all I brought from Southampton but I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and tell me what if you’ve had any good candles from Primark πŸ™‚

Hideaway Girl xxx


25 thoughts on “Primark Trip Haul

  1. Ah it’s all SO nice!!! My fav is definitely the Lets Get Lost t-shirt, me want that πŸ˜€ (aha sorry for appalling grammar I got a bit excited aha)

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