Something I want to change.

Hi,everyone! As you may know, I have started a new project ‘The New Generation Thing‘ If you would like to join or just like to see what it is then please look at my post. You can join at any time, you don’t have to do every single topic, it’s just a bit of fun! The first topic I gave you guys to do this week is ‘Something I want to change.’ So I’m going to do mine first, to do just show you guys 🙂


There’s lots of things I want to change: my  stupid red curtains that doesn’t match my purple room, the large portion of my hair, my disgusting crazy eyebrows which somehow have a life of it’s own, my tiny lips which you can hardly see, my horrible singing voice or sometimes even my brother when he annoys me.But then I realise most of these things are about how I look and how I want to be perfect.

But the thing is I like my how my eyebrows fill my face, I like my eyes, my long eyelashes and I actually quite like my face. Yeah, I don’t like my lips and my nose but who cares?!

I know I’m not the only person who feels like a failure  when they look in the mirror. But recently, I’ve been looking in the mirror and pointing out the good things about myself.

Who watched Celebrity Get Me Out of Year in December? I did. I really like Fern, she had a lovely personality and she is what I call stunning 🙂 During the time at the jungle, she mentioned a few times about how she wants a nose job and how she doesn’t like her nose being ‘big’. I didn’t even notice her nose. She’s such a pretty girl and she wouldn’t look like Fern if she had another nose.

My crazy thick hair makes me: me. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have my hair. So now, I love the way how my hair goes in my mouth when it’s windy, I like my eyebrows and how I have to comb them every single morning and I like my tiny mouth, it’s cute.

There’s one thing I want to change. I want teenagers to feel good about them selves and to love themselves. Yeah you probably have flaws and they might not go away but it’s what makes you. And someone loves it.

Someone might like how my thick hair hits people in the face, they might like my eyebrows, they might even like my tiny pouty mouth.

And that makes me happy.

So tell me something which you like about yourself in the comments below: it can be as vain as you like!

Hideaway Girl xxx



5 thoughts on “Something I want to change.

  1. I loved reading the part where you said that you started looking in the mirror and noticing the things you like about yourself! That’s the way to go! Focus more on the positive than on the negative, because sometimes the negative is only in our minds! Great post!

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