Christmas with my grandparents

Hi,everyone! I hope you all had a fab Christmas and got lots of presents πŸ™‚ I was kinda spoiled this year which I’m not complaining about but you know.. I had my grandparents staying which was interesting..

My nan is a really strange woman. She’s nice but she can be a bit.. how do you say it…uncomfortable. She has OCD which isn’t her fault at all but it sometimes seems she likes to make us feel bad in a way. Her home is spotless but our house is VERY messy. So whenever she comes over, she doesn’t sit on the sofa and always has to help around the house. I sometimes get a bit self-conscious.

My step-granddad Β is very old. He is reaching this 90’s but still thinks he is in this early 40’s which is great! It’s good to feel like you’re younger than you are and it makes him happy. But the thing is he is starting to burp and fart all the time! I know he is old and that but he was like this when he was younger. Yesterday, I was on my phone and I saw him looking over to check if I wasn’t looking over at him. He got his pocketknife,took off his socks and started cutting dry skin off this toes onto the sofa. ew. The funny thing is that when my brother farted, he looked disgusted!

To be honest, I’m happy they’re aren’t staying any more.

Hideaway Girl xxx

18 thoughts on “Christmas with my grandparents

  1. They do seem like very perculiar people but I am sure they love you very much. I am sorry your Grandma has OCD that must be very hard to live with. I’m glad you had lots of presents for christmas, you deserve it!

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