Room 125 Part 4

Hi,everyone! And Merry Christmas for tomorrow 🙂 So I’ve done another part of Room 125 and I hope you enjoy this part as well. I was going to post it tomorrow but then I knew I wouldn’t have time so I thought I would just post it today. I feel like my story line is going good so far but there is so much more to come! It’s crazy 🙂

If you haven’t read my other part, the links are below!

Enjoy Part 4!

Hideaway Girl xxx


Aaron and I decided that he would pick me up in his car at half past seven to go to the winter carnival with Cory and Jasmine. In the car to the carnival, we sat awkwardly, not knowing what to say. I decide to break the painful silence. ‘When’s your next football match?’ I ask, looking at of the window. Excited children run in front of the adults, happy to be out of school. Their parents seem relaxed and talk among themselves. ‘In two weeks.’ he says.

‘Against who?’

‘Bishop Bridge. Are you going to come and watch?’ he asks, smiling. A warm relief covers me and I grin back. ‘Of course.’ I tell him. Aaron drives into the entrance of the carnival, the most magnificent entrance. Glowing blue reindeers stand either side of the road underneath the dazzling lights  hanging from the trees. Vintage lamps stand on the fences with signs of ‘Welcome to the Winter Carnival.’ Fake snow covers the grass, making it nearly as perfect as possible. ‘Folkstone did well this year.’ Aaron smiles at me. He holds my hand and I hold it back. Tonight is going to be picture-perfect. We park up and Aaron goes around the car to open the door for me. ‘You’re so charming.’ I laugh and hug him. I skip in front of him and tug him to hurry up. ‘I want to see the light festival, feed the reindeers, see Santa! I want to do everything!’ I tell him. My voice fills up with excitement and I feel like an fired up child on Christmas Eve. ‘You’ll have time to do everything.’ Aaron reassures laughing. We get to the ticket office where elves are behind a booth, smiling at the customers. ‘Two ticket’s please.’ Aarons says, winking at me.

‘Okay, that will be £2 please.’ the elf says. Aaron fishes in his wallet and brings out a £2 pound coin.

‘Here you go.’ Aaron says, his voice ringing.

‘Have fun!’ The elf chirps, her smile bursting. We go to the starbucks truck to meet up with Cory and Jasmine. While waiting, I go and order some lattes for us two. The steam from the latte heats my mittens up and I drink the latte while talking to Aaron about Cory.

Cory goes to the same school as me and Aaron but we don’t have any classes with him. According to Lottie, Jasmine and Cory met at a pottery class and Jasmine took a likening to him but she found out from a girl in her history class that he was gay. So anyway, they  starting going on Coffee dates after pottery class and then, Cory asked her on a date so she now figured that he isn’t gay but straight or bi-sexual. It sounds very confusing but it’s actually quite simple.

After explaining about Cory to Aaron, I look around in the crowds and find Jasmine. ‘Hey, Jasmine!’ I shout and Jasmine turns around. She smiles and runs towards me, dragging Cory after her. ‘Hey Scarlett,’ she says cheerfully, her blond hair bouncing. ‘This is Cory.’  Cory steps forward and waves.

‘So you’re the famous Cory.’ I laugh. Cory blushes. But I must say, Jasmine has done good. He has the most beautiful long eye lashes which any girl would die for, he stands tall (even taller than Aaron) and dimples shine from his smile. ‘Oh, she talks about me?’ he asks, smiling.

‘Well. If you count 80% of time all the time, then yeah.’ I laugh. ‘This is Aaron, my boyfriend.’

‘Hi.’ Aaron says. ‘You play any sports?’ Typical Aaron.

‘I used to play football for Bishop’s Bridges but when I moved schools, I stopped’ Cory explained.

‘Oh,why did you move schools?’ I ask. Bishop’s Bridges apparently was one of the best schools in Folkstone, and the 3rd best in Kent.

‘I got kicked out.’ he says, shrugging. What? Jasmine, who never gets in trouble at school, is going out with a bad boy?

‘Oh.’ I said, not wanting to ask why. An awkward silence hovers around us and Jasmine is trying to avoid my eyes.  ‘Scarlett wanted to see the light festival which starts at’ Aaron remarks, looking at the program. ‘ten. So what do you want to do now?’

‘What about the rides?’ Jasmine asks.

‘Yeah, okay.’


I’m not a huge fan of rides so while they were on Oxygen, a ride which turns you upside down and flips you high in the air, I decided to take some photos for my photography class. Cory also decided that he didn’t want to go so he went to the toilet while I took some pictures. Around me, teenagers (around my age) are drinking and smoking so I decided to go farther away from the rides. I took photos of the sparkling trees and the lit up penguins. I also saw a cute couple on the beach in front of me with they’re back turned so I got this very tumblr picture. I look at the picture of the cute couple and see something in the background of it. A figure. I look closer, a female. Oh my god, it’s Lottie. It’s not just that it was a Lottie but she was with someone but I can’t make out who. In the photo, she’s sniffing something which looks like…it can’t be…but it is. It’s cocaine.

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