Adults can be bitchy..

Hi,everyone! So the other day, I went to a fancy Italian restaurant with people I work with at Gymnastics . I really liked it but I was a little bit uncomfortable at times. One of those reasons was because they were kinda bitching about another coach, let’s call her C. Now, C is new and very shy around the others. But with me, she seems really nice and funny. She gets involved into the activity if you bugger her into it which I do. The others try but not enough. They don’t really get her involved in conversations. Last  gym lesson, she kinda followed me around and I was totally fine about it. I would have done the same if I was on my own. She got invited to the Christmas meal but she couldn’t come (I don’t think she really wanted to go which is understandable). At the restaurant, they started talking about how we can get her more involved which was fine, I liked how they were trying. But then, they kinda started making fun of her like a group of teenage girls.

They are adults and they were making fun of a 14 year-old! I don’t really know them that well so why did they start to bitch like that infont of someone you don’t really know. I wonder if  would say anything about me if I wasn’t there. I felt embarrassed for them.

They seem like really nice people but they just got carried away.

I was looking forward to the future of no bitching but I guess adults do as well. That’s life, I guess.

Hideaway Girl xxx

26 thoughts on “Adults can be bitchy..

  1. IKR!
    Yeah, they’re more like 1/2 uncles + aunts but just as well I don’t know them, they hate my guts!
    Just because my dad is the oldest that they didn’t know about until my grandad died


  2. They should’ve at least kept it to themselves… My mum always does the same
    thing but talking about my friends, Her friends, neighbours and even Family!!

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