Room 125 Part 3

Hi,everyone! Last week, I put up the 2nd part of Room which I got quite nice feedback and some of you were really exicted to see the next chapter. Elle hasn’t stopped nagging me to put up the next part! The links are below for the another parts!

I love writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it. Enjoy!

Hideaway Girl xxx


I look up and see Lottie rolling her eyes at me. ‘Hey, can you give me a lift home?’ She says, her nose bleeding. She wipes it away, creating a dark red smudge all over freckled cheek. She gets into the yellow mini before I could even reply. She doesn’t take notice that I’ve been crying for the past hour and  goes on her phone like she doesn’t care. ‘What happened to your nose?’ I ask, pointing.

‘Just a nose bleed.’ She shrugs and tightens her seatbelt.

‘What were you doing in town?’ I said, concentrating on the road.

‘Just doing some Christmas shopping.’ She slurs. I look down at her lap and I see no bags. Strange.

‘It doesn’t seem like you were shopping.’

‘Why are you all moony and sad, Scarlett?’ She asks, trying to change the subject.

‘No reason.’ I go and turn the radio on and Michael Buble blares out. Lottie gets the hint that I don’t want to talk and re-continues on her phone, her fingernails tapping wildly. We drive in complete silence for the next five minutes. Lottie’s house is only five minutes away from mine so it wasn’t a huge favour. I go through the gates where a lonely old mansion stands behind it. That’s Lottie’s house. Lottie’s mum and dad are bankers but that’s not why they have a BIG mansion. The Canterburys are somehow related to the Spanish Royal Family so they get a mansion with their good relation. My mum and Lottie’s mum met at a baby yoga class when I was one. Apparently, Lottie came over and stole my Teddy (which still sits on my bed by the way) and I pushed Lottie over for Teddy. That’s how we became best friends. I swerve into the stone driveway and then stop my car in front of the red door of Lottie’s home. ‘When is your mum and dad back from Spain?’ I ask Lottie, trying to make conversation. Mr and Mrs Canterbury have gone to Spain for a couple of months for this business contact thing. Lottie gets to be house mates with her cheating sister, Jess. ‘I don’t know. I think another month or two.’ She says, shrugging. She pretends to not be bothered that her parents are not here for her when Jess (their daughter) gone behind her back but it’s so obvious that she’s hurting badly inside. ‘You can stay over mine if you want?’ I suggest. I expect Jess isn’t around the mansion very often as Rob has his own flat. ‘Nah, it’s okay, Scarlett.’ She says, turning her back to me.

‘You, sure?’

‘Yup. I better go and cook myself something.’

‘Okay well, I’ll see you back in room 125 tomorrow.’

‘Yeah, see you in English.’


The next morning, I set out for school. The cold morning sky glimmers above my head and I wrap my scarf around my neck which was a present that  Aaron gave to me when I turned 16. Aaron. I have to see him today. Last night, I phoned him at least ten times but he didn’t answer one of them. Slowly, I walk to school and breath in the fresh but chilly air around me. It’s the last day of school today before the Christmas holidays and all of the teachers have been giving tips on how to revise for the dreaded A-Levels. Year 7’s run past me to get to class and teachers cheer that it’s the last day of work. I get to class in room 125 and sit in the corner at the back of the class room where nobody looks. I’m ten minutes early so I wait there on my phone, looking at the pictures of prom dresses which catch my eyes. ‘Hey, Scarlett’ Jasmine’s voice intrudes my mind so  I look up and smile. Jasmine is smiling a REALLY big smile. ‘Why are you so happy?’ I ask, my face spreading into grin.

‘Well Scar, I might have a double date booked for me and you tonight.’


‘Me, Cory , you and Aaron at the winter carnival at eight o’clock.’

‘I thought Cory was gay.’ I laugh.

‘So did I but apparently, he’s bi-sexual.’ She winks and starts filing her nails. Class is starting to fill up now but there is no sign of Lottie and Aaron. I look at the lonely blue chair beside me and sigh.

‘I don’t think it would be a good idea anyway. Aaron and I had a fight.’ Jasmine stops filing and looks at me.

‘What?  ou never have arguments with him!’ She says a little too loudly.

‘It seems that we did.’ I tell her. I look behind Jasmine and see the door opening. Aaron walks in the room ,every girl in the class turns her  eyes on him including Jasmine and me. My breath stops and I take in his beauty. He has that effect on everyone.

‘I better go..’ Jasmine tiptoes away and Aaron goes pass her, smiling gently.

‘Hey.’ Aaron pulls his chair out and sits on it. He flicks his hair out of his eyes which is probably one of the hottest things he could do.

‘Hi.’ I blush and notice that  my mouth was dropping in an O shape.

‘I’m sorry about what I said yesterday.’ He looks at me, his eyes fill with apology.

‘It’s fine. I’m sorry about storming out of the cafe.’

‘No. I was being a douche so I deserve it.’ He laughs.

‘Okay.’ I smile at him. Mr Tarka goes in front of the class and gabbles about Shakespeare for the next hour which I would normally hate but I liked sitting next to Aaron in complete silence. Not a awkward silence but a comfortable silence which I only can do with a couple of people in my life. I was so stupid to have that argument with Aaron. He’s perfect and I can’t lose him.


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