Room 125|Part 2

Hi,everyone! So a few weeks ago , I put up my first chapter of Room 125. I haven’t done as much as I have hoped to have done in these last few weeks but I’ve had lots of homework so I didn’t really have the time to upload another chapter.

Anyway, if you want to recap or read Part 1, then please click here 🙂

I’m very excited about writing Room 125 as it has so much more surprises yet to come! Hope you enjoy this part and please tell me what you think in the comments below. Hideaway Girl xxx


At the end of the horrible hour of blood and sweat of doing homework, I decided to go and surprise Aaron by picking him up from football practice. In the car, listening to Chris Evans, I go into the world of daydreaming and  think about Lottie. She’s been acting so miserable lately and I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to talk to her but she just ignores me or she starts shouting at me. I think I would be the same if I found my sister making out with my boyfriend in my garage, only a few metres away from where I sleep. Lottie hasn’t seen Jess or Rob since the garage findings. It’s weird to think that Jess would do something like that to her sister. Jess was always nice to Lottie and you wouldn’t think that she would make out with Rob. I never liked Rob, he always seemed a bit sneaky and he would always make horrible jokes about people. I can’t see what Lottie liked about him.

When I get into the car park, I decide to leave the worries behind and catch up with them later. I park at the entrance of the marsh where Aaron and I sometimes meet. The snowflakes fall on to my window and I hold onto my red fluffy beanie as I get out of my car. Aaron stands, his back to me and seems to be talking . In front of him, I see a figure and it seems that he is talking to Kit, Aaron’s best friend.  Even though I’m a couple of feet away, I can tell Aaron is talking about something serious as his eyebrows frown with worry.

I walk up to them slowly to try and hear what they’re saying without trying to let them know I am here. Like a ninja, I step onto the pavement and tiptoe towards the dustbins near them. Slowly, my whole body falls onto the ground, hitting a beer can. Shot. Aaron looks up and sees me sitting on a pile of rubbish. He runs over and shakes his head. ‘I can’t leave you alone without you hurting yourself, Scarlett’ He smiles. Behind him, Kit frowns and waves a goodbye.

‘What were you and Kit talking about?’ I say, trying not to sound too curious.

‘Secret.’ He looks at me and smiles. Hm… maybe it’s a Christmas present..

‘Awh, tell me.’ I whine.

‘But I would have to kill you.’ He swings his arm around me and pulls my beanie over my eyes.

‘Hey!’ I try to frown but it breaks into a grin uncontrollably.

‘Come on, let’s go and get a coffee.’ He twirls around, swooping off a bit of snow off the top of the dustbin.

‘Oh no, you don’t!’ I shout but it was too late. The snow ball landed on my head. I laugh, happiness filling my cheeks  ‘Don’t think I’ll not get you back, Aaron Fields!’


We get to Costa  when it’s starting to get dark and the coffee shop is starting to get less busy. Aaron is by the counter, getting my hot chocolate and his gingerbread latte. I look out of the glass window and see passer-bys hugging on to their partners, smiling like there is no end. The homeless sit in their shop doorways, holding chunks of cardboard and grinning whenever a coin hits their tins. ‘One hot chocolate for madam and one gingerbread latte for moi.’ Aaron puts down the steaming mugs and sits in the old leather armchair in front of me. I thank him with a smile. ‘How was football practice?’ I ask him, dipping into the whip cream with a spoon.

‘Um..well. Nathan wasn’t there so coach was a bit crankier than usual.’

‘Why wasn’t Nathan there?’ I ask. Nathan never misses a practice.

‘He’s been arrested.’

‘WHAT?!’ I blurt out a bit too loud, whip cream falls out of my mouth and lands on the coffee table.

‘Ew and be a bit quieter .’  Aaron says, looking around. They lose interest and go back to their business.

‘What?’ I whisper.

‘Nathan has been arrested.’

‘Yes, I know that. But why?’

‘He was caught dealing.’

‘Dealing what?’

‘Chocolate bars.’ He says sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

‘Haha, funny. Tell me.’ I point my teaspoon at him.

‘Drugs, Scarlett.’ My emotions turn to disbelief and stare at Aaron.

‘Nathan would never do that. He’s a mummies boy.’

‘That’s what I thought but it seems that he’s also a druggies boy.’  I still can’t believe him. I’ve known Nathan since I was seven and I’ve never seen him get told off in class. ‘This isn’t funny, Aaron.’ I say, gulping down my hot chocolate.

‘Didn’t say it was.’

‘Did he ever offered you anything?’ I say.

‘No! I’ve never touched anything of that crap in my life.’ He shouts, causing customers to turn around and stare at us again.

‘I was just saying..’

‘Well, I’m fed up with you and..’ He looks at me and decides it’s not best to say it.

‘And what, Aaron?!’ I say, my voice suddenly gone croaky.

‘Your friends.’ The moment he says that I get out of my chair, slam my hot chocolate on  the table.

‘If this wasn’t a boiling hot drink, I would pour it over you.’ I don’t look back at him and open the door.  I get out of Costa and run to my car. For the next hour, I sit in there and cry. Until, I hear a light tap on my window.

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