Types of people at Christmas!

Hi,everyone! So I’ve realised there is a lot of different emotions when it comes down to Christmas. It could be merry, lonely, panic or excitement. I think I feel all emotions at some point.

Lonely Single People 

Whenever I see other couples kissing under the mistletoe, it makes me sick at first. But then it suddenly turns into loneliness. I don’t know if it’s normal but I think I might be turning into the only single person in our friendship group. Why can’t Thomas Brodie-Sangester be my boyfriend?!

Annoying Merry People

They always listen to Christmas music and have 25 Christmas jumpers (one for each day)  I get so annoyed with people who put their Christmas tree in November, it’s way too early.Do I sound grumpy?

Haters of Christmas 

They will not smile all day. Slam doors in Choral Singers and will not help with the Christmas tree. I think my dad is one of these.

The Forgetters

They will ‘forget’ to buy your present and will ‘forget’ about Christmas. HOW CAN YOU FORGET ABOUT CHRISTMAS?!

Panicking people 

They will not rest on the run up to Christmas. They will be getting everything ready and will not do anything else. But on Christmas Day, they will relax and be happy with themselves.


That’s all I can really think of but please tell me anymore in the comments. I’ve been working on my 2nd part of Room 125 so please check it out here. I’m so excited for you guys to read my next chapter so please make sure you check out my blog tomorrow 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx


21 thoughts on “Types of people at Christmas!

  1. Oh woops im the annoying merry people HAHA i dont have my tree on november (not even now in fact) but i’ve been totally jamming to my christmas songs (in the car especially) heheheee!!! And i do have my christmas gear out! HAHA forgive meeee im i love christmasss

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  2. Fab post! I may be guilty of being the annoying merry person, as I’m making sure EVERYONE is having a good time, weather they like it or not. . .

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