What to buy for your boy best-friend!

Hi,everyone! As you know, the big fat man with the red suit on is going to be sneeking in our houses and putting the presents under the tree. Thinking about it, it’s actually kinda creepy. Anyway, we have to go through the stress of buying presents and so, I’m going to let your stress go and show you some things I brought for my friend who is a boy.

These were actually his birthday presents but you could use these for Christmas presents.

Face Mask


I got Max a men (hahahaha, manly) face mask which I thought he  would like as he secretly likes stuff like this. I was going to get him a normal one (like a girly one) but I didn’t know if it was going to insult him so I went for a men’s one. You can get them from superdrug for 99p which is really cheap and it fits my budget 🙂

Depending what your friend likes, I think it’s actually kinda a nice thing to do. I think Max actually kinda likes this present and I think he might have a spa evening!

Loom Bands 

I got Max some loombands as he likes flinging them at people so I thought it couldn’t be any better. Give your friend something which he can annoy people with and he will be happy :)You can get them from a lot of places for like £1 but I get them from a collection I used to have.


I couldn’t find an exact image of the exact chalk board but it looked something like this 🙂

I got Max a chalk board as he is moving to a boarding school so I thought he could hang this in his room somewhere. It’s a kinda a nice simple present but it’s sometimes nice to add something to your room. I got this from The Works for £2 which I think is a bargain 🙂

Hair Spray 

I got Max some hairspray as his hair is always flopping about so it will be handy. He is also going to a dance school soon so I thought it would be perfect to get him some! 🙂

Glow-in-the-dark stars. 


I got some stars which glow in the dark. He can hang them on his ceiling and whenever he looks at them, he can think of me. That’s really cheesy…


So that’s what I got Max and I hope this has helped you in some way. This only came under £7 so it was a proper bargin! Always make your presents personal and it will be kinda special for that person.

Hideaway Girl xxx

Ps: These aren’t my pictures. I forgot to take pictures of them before I wrapped them so I apologize for that 🙂




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