Seven Interesting Facts About Me| The Dragons Loyalty Award.

Hi,everyone! I know this blog post is meant to be about what I brought  my boy best friend for Christmas. I was going to show you his birthday present but I’m giving it to him tomorrow and he sometimes reads my blog so I didn’t want to ruin the surprise so I’ll upload it tomorrow 🙂

Yesterday, I was nominated by the fantastic georgiegirl to do the The Dragon’s Loyalty Reward so that’s what I’m going to be doing today.

Right so, the rules are:

  1. Display the award on the blog (any help with this would be greatly valued!!!!)
  2. Celebrate your win by writing a post about it and link to your nominator.
  3. Nominate 6 deserving bloggers for this award
  4. Link to your nominees!!!
  5. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself!

7 interesting facts about myself!

  1. My dad says we are slightly related to the Polish Family. I don’t know if this is true or not but he said we are.
  2. I once drank a whole glow sick and didn’t die (obviously)
  3. I have two houses, a canal boat and a normal house.
  4. I’m thinking of a secret project which all of you can join.
  5. I like to sing but I’m not good at it at all but I still love doing it
  6. When I was in Year 3 or 4, I wanted to be a historical presenter
  7. I use to live in Hackney, London but then I moved out of London 😦

They weren’t really interesting facts but you know.. I’m not to that interesting.

I’m also going to be a rebel again and nominate all of you because it’s too hard to choose.

Hideaway Girl xxx

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