Room 125

Hi,everyone! So I’ve started to write this small story thing. I’ve just finished writing my first chapter and I hope you like it! Please tell me what you think in the comments below 🙂


The first time I met Aaron Fields was when I was in Year 7 in Room 125. Mr Tarka pointed me to the back of the History class room and in the corner was Aaron. It wasn’t love at first sight. It was more like hate at first sight. He would always annoy me in some way and I would complain to Mr Tarka. But the more we fighted , the more we cared for each other.6 years later, I’m sitting in the corner of Room 125 and next to me is Aaron but instead of him stealing my pencils, he is stealing my kisses. Mr Tarka is staring at us and rolling his eyes. And we laugh and smile at each other. Love filling our eyes. ‘God. love makes me sick.’ A voice appears in front of us and there is Lottie, my best friend since when I had braces. I smile and Aaron chuckles. I think I’ve heard her said it every day for the past six weeks after she found her now ex-boyfriend, Blake, and her sister making out in the small garage of her parents house. Jasmine stands behind Lottie and makes a gross face. ‘Lottie is right, you need to stop sucking each others faces off. I haven’t been able to eat lunch with you guys without you two publicly disturbing everyone.’ She frowns.

‘Okay.We will try not to ruin your lunch again.’ I say, laughing. Aaron smiles the dangerous (but cute) smile which nearly always stops my heart.

‘It doesn’t matter anyway, I’ve got football practice. And it starts about,’ he looks at his phone screen, which by the way, is me and him in front of the Eiffel Tower when we went to Paris in Year 11 . ‘now’.

‘Okay, I’ll see you later’ I say. He air hugs me then goes to turns the handle of the red door and leaves.

‘Good. He’s finally gone now which means we can actually have a conversation with you rather than 3 words.’ Lottie moans. She gets her mirror out and checks her eyeliner. Heavy eyeliner.

‘How are you,Lottie?’ I ask, my voice filled with worry. She hasn’t been the same since the incident.

‘Never better.’ She says, obviously annoyed at how the subject was going.

‘Well, if you ever need to speak to someone, you have me,’ Jasmine says. She reaches for Lottie and my hand. ‘ and Scarlett.’

‘Okay, whatever.’ She takes her hand away and looks again at her eyes again. I look at Jasmine and we both give each other that look that we know something isn’t right. Behind Jasmine, is the poster of the Six Form Prom. Most six forms don’t have a prom but apparently, it’s better to have a prom at the end of six form rather than at the end of year 11.

‘We should go to Prom Dress shopping soon. Before we know it, it’s going to be the end of the year.’ I suggest.

‘Yeah, that would be really cool. Maybe, we could go all together to prom.’ Jasmine puts forwards.

‘I’m not going to prom.’ Lottie mutters. We all stare at Lottie and gaped. She had been looking forward to prom since year 7.

‘Why?!’ Jasmine and I say at the same time.

‘I don’t want to. Also, I rather you go off with your dates and not be stuck with me.’

‘I won’t get a date so it doesn’t matter, Lottie. If you don’t come, Scarlett will go off with Aaron and I’ll be stuck on my own’ frowns Jasmine crossing her arms.

‘Cory is going to ask you.’

‘He’s gay, Lottie.’

9 thoughts on “Room 125

  1. I loved this! Looking forward to reading some more. Just one small thing (it’s absolutely tiny!) but in the 4th line it should be “fought” rather than “fighted”. Hope you don’t think I’m annoying, hopefully you’ll continue this story soon! xxx

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