What I think will happen- Paris Attacks

Hi everyone! So I wanted to have a more serious blog post which I don’t really do on this blog if you want my other blog, please tell me in the comments below.

Today, alot of people have been talking about Paris and terrorism. Some people have been freaking out and others have been interested in the subject. I have been watching the  news alot and also been thinking about the families of the victims.

Our government have made mistakes and many more will come but at this time, there shouldn’t any mistakes if they do then our country will be in danger.

I was in London at the time when 7/7 happened and I was 4 years old so I don’t really remember it that well but my parents knew two victims of the underground bombings. Not really well but would see them around where we lived.

But getting back to the point, we need to stop this pain around the world ON BOTH SIDES. Some of these terrorists have had they families killed by Americas government after the 9/11 when the terrorist weren’t even a terrorist. They got angry and decided maybe the Americans are evil and deserved to be punished.

I’m not taking the ISIS’ side, I’m just saying that if we attack them, they are going to attack back.

If we do bomb them, innocent children will be killed but we have to kill that population to make the rest of the world safe. But the people who are away from that area, we will become angry that where they live is now gone.

There will never be an end to terrorism.

We have alot of risks in life but that’s a part of life. We need to carry on and show them that we as a nation, we aren’t scared of them.

I think we need to help everyone around the world, whatever religion they have or belief. We need to be equal in life! I want my children to be safe in life and have a brilliant government. I want change!

Please tell me what you think in the comments below but remember that I have my opinion and it’s fine. Don’t get angry and hateful towards me. I’m not causing this pain.

Hideaway Girl xxx


5 thoughts on “What I think will happen- Paris Attacks

  1. I totally agree! Thanks for this. I read a quote that said “you cant have a war on terrorism because war is terrorism”. If we show fear as a nation then the terrorists have already won.

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  2. I want my children to be safe too. I want to be able to live and grow up in a world where I’m not afraid to walk down the streets. Will that wish ever be fulfilled in my lifetime? Probably not. Will that wish ever be fulfilled ever? Probably not. Will the fear become less? YES, because we’ll try and make it.

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