Thankyou for those 108 million people who died. You may have been British, German, French, African, Irish or any other nationality. Thankyou for giving me that life that I have now. I have a safe home with friends and family. And I love my life and it’s all because of you. I know Germany and Britain didn’t get on but I still feel grateful for Germany standing up to what they believed in. We need that in life. I’m sorry to the citizens that our country has killed. I don’t agree with anything the government decides. But I couldn’t do anything, I wasn’t born then.

I want this day to be about peace. I don’t want there to be anymore wars but that’s probably not going to happen for a while yet. But I believe that will happen. I think we sometimes need to learn from our ancestors mistakes and work from it. I want every child and adult in the world to feel safe and loved. That’s what ruins our world, some people feel unloved and unsafe. That’s the people who ‘rule’ us’ fault.

So this generation, make sure you love the people around you. Make our world change. You can. If you want something to change, change it. You have that power.

Hideaway Girl

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