Queen of Hearts and Pocahontas have taken over Hideaway Girls blog!

Hello,my loyal subjects. It’s me the Queen of Hearts and today, I….um excuse me, weSorry Pocahontas, we have taken over the traitor, Hideaway Girl’s  blog. Thats better, anyway, getting back to the point your Majesty, we need to get on with the questions that Hideaway Girl’ amazing followers have asked us! so on with the show!

Scariest movie you’ve seen?

Hardly anything scares me. But when I saw Elizabeth:The Golden Age, I nearly had a panic attack. How could a queen be so merciful and only behead the Queen of Scots? It scared me that a Queen with so much power hardly has fun with it. 

 Well, tbh, I’m extremely scared of horror films! i can’t even watch an advert/trailer for one without being scared out of my wits! But if i had to say the scariest film I’ve ever seen, it would have to be The Ring trailer, haha!

Favourite festive food? 

I have many favourites as I have the best kitchens in Wonderland! Hm….but if I would have to go with something it would be the toads tongues with a drizzle of donkey’s spit. We have this every Halloween and everyone enjoys it. It’s unique! 

Unlike the Queen of Hearts, my favourite festive food would have to be spiced buffalo, found only in the wild. 

Favourite place?

My garden’s obviously. The roses are white or red but once, my gardeners and Alice painted them and I grew such a temper that I sent them to prison! 

My favourite place would be out in the woods, hunting, catching the tribes dinner. 

Favourite song at the moment? 

My favourite song at the moment is Flowers in Your Hair by The Lumineers because they obviously wrote it about me.

My favourite song would have to be Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I have to say I can rap pretty well, and I know all of the rap, haha! 

Favourite Halloween Song? 

Thriller by Michael Jackson, of course.

I don’t know the name of the song, but it goes something like: ‘This is Halloween, this is Halloween, etc.’ 

What’s my favourite holiday (other than Halloween)? 

Heart’s day (basically, my birthday). We have flamingo dances and lemonade fountains where I drown the ducklings and people who’s birthday presents aren’t good enough. 

My favourite holiday would have to be the Tribes special holiday, celebrating the Chief and his Princess daughter, ME!!

If you would have any crazy Halloween costume ever, what would it be? – 

I would go as a flying unicorn, that’s an idea for next year! 

I would probably go as, well I don’t know really, so much choice. 

This is me now! Sorry this was a little bit late. Elle and I fell asleep while writing this but I hope you’ve had a fab Halloween. Thankyou Elle for helping me write this post and do check her out here! I thought this was quite a weird blog post but I’ve really enjoyed writing it 🙂 Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Hideaway Girl xxx

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