Reacting to my old diary part 2!

Hi,everyone! So last week, I reacted to my old dairy and it was a really funny post to write so hopefully it was funny to read as well. If you haven’t read Part 1, then please go and check it out here. Anway, let’s go back in time. Btw: I didn’t know it wasn’t that long ago but I wanted to look back on it and see how I’ve changed 🙂 Ps: the bold is me now.

1st January 2014

I have eaten one donut, a bowl of peanuts, a peice of bread, slice of cheese in 3 days. How did I survive?! Mum and Dad say that I’m too fussy and I think that my pasta was too runny and I dislike mirco wave food I’m guessing I was on the boat then. Dad says he is disappointed in me because children in Africa are starving and would eat it. I just said Why don’t you post it to them then?’ Good one. Dad sent me to my room for that. Dad is the vegetarian and he is the fussiest one in the house! I’ve heard Cousin Matthew got something ifected on his but! LOL. I.said. lol. oh my god. I’m so hungry……..

4th January 2014

I’ve been really busy as I was in London. On Thursday, I started my lady thing 5 minutes before we left for Kent. I hate it. Welcome to your hell. 

5th January 2014

I missed school today because I felt ill *wink, wink*. I missed sport 🙂 T omorrow, I have science with Jack sitting next to me. Jack is a horrible bastard. I hate him with every bone in my body Woah, I really hated him. He’s not as bad now.  

That is it but there will be a Part 3 on Friday and it will be a long one too! Like if you’ve enjoyed and tell me in the comments below if you think I should continue with these diary things because I don’t know if I should

Hideaway Girl xxx

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