Junk Shot!

Hi,everyone! How’s been your day? I hope it’s been good and that you are having wonderful Wednesday. I’ve been at school and yeah, it’s been alright day expect that someone put glue in my hair in maths. In business studies, we found out who won The Business Bin Challenge and our group won! Which I was quite happy about because I didn’t want to go through hell for the past two weeks for nothing.

I’ll tell you why it was hell.

So the Business Bin challenge is where you collect recycling in your class. Then the class bids on items they want to create the product. After making the product, they have to do a ‘dragons den’ thing to 4 different pairs of judges at FOUR different times.

I was in a group with my friend, Lily and two other girls. I didn’t know the other girls even though I was on the same table for like 3 weeks. All I knew was one had the letter ‘C’ and the other had the letter ‘K’. (I still don’t know their names) We just went with them because we didn’t know anyone else.

Our product was called Junk Shot and was basically like this product below:


Junk Shot is alot better by the way. We had three different designs, orange, blue and pink! And it was actually quite cool.

C and K made the product, Lily did the logo and design, I did the presentation (all the boring work). It took me quite a while to make the presentation and when I finally completed it, C started deleting slides off it because it wasn’t ‘good enough’.



I just grimaced and bit my lip.

She then started going through the costs making them all jumbled up. I completely ignored her and changed them later that lesson.

In the final lesson before the presentation was due, she was having a fake mental break-down going ‘I can’t do this, I’m doing all the work.’

How is making a net work?

She was calling K a stupid cow. God, she was awful. I felt really sorry for K.

On the presentation day, she made me say all of the numbers and stuff. It was also my birthday and when Lily said Happy Birthday to me, C just went ‘No B-Day nonsense. We got a business waiting.’ She was taking it way too serious.

She also didn’t let K say anything.

But anyway, we won and that’s good. I just wish I could Junk Shot her. Does anyone else been across these types of people? I think they need to be added to types of people who annoy me 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx


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