Me looking back on my old diary #1

Hi everyone! So today, I’m going to be looking back at my diary when I was 11. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I think it’s going to be quite funny (and cringey). This was only 3 years ago  and I’ve changed so much since then but I like looking back on it. Some of the names are made up and I’ve skipped out a few things which might hurt people’s feelings but anyway, let’s go! The bold writing is me (now) by the way. 

20th December 2013 

I think I’m going to start writing a diary as I’m really confused. I’m just going to tell you what it is. I am intrigued. Love. Oh forgot to mention that I was one of those annoying 11 year olds who thought that I was really old and mature. I’ve just finished school for this term 🙂 How is this relevant to love? At school, this boy has admitted that he has a crush on me. His name is Theo. No offence to him but he freaks me out. He still does. He is always staring at me and is really geeky Oh wow. I was more geeky. I look like a female version of Harry Potter. not in a celever way just his personailty. Daisy and Lily keep teasing me about him and embarrass themselves and I (they still embarrass themselves)  Daisy can’t talk though she fancies ****** and guess what? She got rejected! I’m such a nice friend.  I don’t love Theo, I love Justin! HAHAHA you think you do. He’s funny and cute and he’s totally into me. Oh god. 11 year old Hideaway Girl thought she had a chance. When I walk home with my mates, I sometimes bump into him. He thinks I’m quiet in class He still does. But when he saw me with my girlfriends, he probably thought I was the loudest girl in the world! Lily got really pissed off with me It’s embarrassing to hear 11 year old me  swear when we walked home. I don’t know why! When we went into Londis, I found £2.50 in my mum’s raincoat I was so rich. I paid for Ellie’s (God, she is going to go mad if she sees how I spelt her name) Ellie says that she will pay me back but I know she won’t She didn’t. When we were eating our goodies, Daisy said we were eating pigs penises. Lovely. That got Ellie to wiggly the sausage. That put me off. To be honest, I think Ellie’s a bitch! We’re best friends now, funnily enough. She keeps asking me if I like her. I just nod and smile. When I got back from school, I told my mum all about the panto the teachers put on. At my school, the teachers do it every year. Then every 2 minutes, I would look on Instagram waiting for Justin to put a photo up. I have deleted all the bad selfies I took of me off my insta account. So he didn’t think I was ugly. I took really cute pictures so he thinks I’m cute. I use to spam my instagram account with selfies. These past months, I’ve been feeling really depressed. I was a little bit upset. I’m a bit over dramatic. I’ve tried to commit suicide but now, I just wanna live to see his face How romantic. 

Instagram 20:24 update: No sign of the subject been on insta. Hasn’t liked any of my photos No kidding. I was a stalker. 

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed a little insight of my life as a 11 year old. I hope you’ve found this funny, I’ve found it quite funny in a way.

Hideaway Girl xxx

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