A short lonely story.

Hi,everyone! So for my English Homework, we had to write a short story about Homeless People. I haven’t done a short story on this blog in ages so I decided to show you. Get a hot chocolate, snuggle up and enjoy.

Suddenly, the wind hits me like a block of ice. Its sharpness cuts my cheeks, sending ghostly shivers down my spine. I grab my patchy rug and rub my hands together. Only a week ago, I was sat at home with my family with our whipped hot chocolate in front of Coronation street ;our hands hot and steamy.

The traffic whizzes past me and once in a while, a person hurries past me without giving me a glance. People never want to look at me. They think that it gives me permission to ask for money if they even look at me in the eye. And if they don’t, then I will bet them up and steal their wallet or purse. Hardly ever people give me a few pennies. They’ve been told that I’ll spend it worthlessly on drugs. I wouldn’t spend it on that crap. It’s way too expensive; I’d rather go down and get a bacon buttie from McDonalds.

The bus station is closed and the drivers are happily loosing their ties, heading for the pub. I shouldn’t be near a pub especially on a Friday night. But before I could move, a group of lads exit the pub and head my way.

Most of them were stumbling onto each other, laughing and swearing. I swiftly move to a nearby doorway which has a funny smell of grease and fat. Trying my hardest to hide in the dark shadow of the chip shop, a pile of bear cans crackle. It was too late. The tallest (and the fattest) man of the group stopped in front of the curb. Looking straight at me, he sneered.

‘You alright, sweetheart?’ He smiled, showing off his fillings and a rusty gold tooth. I didn’t reply.’Ain’t you a little cold?’ I cram myself in more but there’s no hope. He steps a little closer. I move back more. ‘Why don’t you come and entertain my friends?’ Looking back over at his mates, he laughs. That’s when I go for it. Quickly, I kick my lanky leg between his legs which makes his lean over and groan. I don’t bother to look at the other men’s surprise at this and run for it.

My heart beats madly like a race horse on a track and my brain is deafly shouting ‘RUN, DANGER.’ The rug falls to the floor which makes me slightly trip over and wastes a millisecond. When I made sure that I lost them, I was in a dark alleyway. Immediately, I collapse to the floor and catch up on my breathing. The more I breathed, the more I couldn’t stop. I started crying, the tears flooding onto my shirt like a heavy rainfall. I was being so pathetic but my brain wouldn’t let me stop. If I tried, I would choke.

That’s when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

Chilling, right? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post! Please tell me what you thought and if you want, make a character file of the person I was writing about. It’s a she but you can make the rest up.Give her a name and what her life was like at home.  Also, if you want me to write a bit more of this story then please tell me in the comments.

Hideaway Girl xxx

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