Types of People that Annoy Me in the Cinema.

Hi,everyone! So a month ago, I wrote a post called TYPES OF PEOPLE THAT ANNOY THE FUDGE OUT OF ME. I got alot of good feedback so I decided to write another one but with a little twist in it. I went to the cinema last weekend and I mentally took notes of people that annoyed me but mostly it was my friends who annoyed me during the film but anyway, hope you like this and understand what I mean.

The Couples 

The people who mistaken the film for a makeout session. I remember watching the Titanic at IMAX which was really good but the only thing which really got on my back was the young couple (who probably broke up a week later) in front of us who were making out the ENTIRE time. When loads of people were drowning and screaming (in the film, not in the cinema), I couldn’t hear the famous last words that *SPOILER ALERT* Jack was saying to Rose because all I could hear was the process of mixing saliva together which was incredibly disgusting. But I still cried at the film.

The Dumb Ones 

The ones that don’t know what is going on in the film and what the film is even about. These are normally one of your friends and will ask questions all way through. I watched Mockingjay with my friend Ellie Smellie who didn’t see any of the other ones so during the first 30 minutes I had to answer stupid questions until I told her to shut up. WHY WATCH THE 3RD FILM WHEN YOU HAVEN’T SEE THE 2ND OR THE 1ST?!!

The Ones with the Bladder Problems 

This is also referring to Ellie Smellie but hopefully she doesn’t get offended. I hate it when people stand up and go to the toilet. It distracts me from the film, they get in front of the screen, they then ask you loads of questions when they get back from doing their bussiness. I never do this because last time I did, a piece of toilet paper got stuck to my shoe which somehow, glowed in the dark.

A group of boys 

Boys are the worst people to watch a film with. But it is even worse when there is a huge group of them! They can’t be quiet for 10 minutes, how are they going to silent for an hour and a half?! It’s the worse thing.. never, go to the cinema to watch films which boys would like because you’re guaranteed to not be able to watch the film.Not all boys are like this btw, it’s just most of the boys that I know do.

The Texter

You’ve payed £5.30 to watch the film, why text the whole way through it? It glows up the whole room and blinds (and hurts) the people behind you (which is normally, me). It annoys me and just don’t do it. Text your mum later and watch the film.

Large-headed people

It always seems that when I go to the cinema, I’m stuck behind the tall, large-headed people. The moment you sit behind them, you can’t see anything because their bloodly big head is blocking your view. Move or politely ask them to move. Don’t complain the whole time and annoy people around you.

Loud Eaters 

People who just munch through the whole film and you can hear every single bite. It really irritates me and makes me want to tip their popcorn out of their hands. I think I actually took away my friend’s popcorn once :/

Hope you’ve liked this blog post! I will uploading a blog post on Thursday so look out for that. If you’ve enjoyed, give it a like. Comment any more people that annoy you, check out my other posts and follow for more from me!

Hideaway Girl xxx

7 thoughts on “Types of People that Annoy Me in the Cinema.

  1. Being a movie theater worker, I can vouch it sucks to have to break up/kick out make out sessions and talkers. They act as if it’s completely the other people in the theater that are being disruptive. Also the fact you have to explain rule after rule that the policy is no phones an no talking. Also not a baby-making place.
    I feel the need to apologize to you because that’s what has to be done at my job but in all reality, all those situation are inevitable. As sad as that is.

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