School thoughts..

Hi, everyone! How are you all? Well, I hope your having a great summer holidays. I’ve just got back from London which means I’m back to my lovely blogging timetable! But there is some bad news. In 9 days, (I repeat NINE days) I will be going back to school…… nnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo………….

I do have lovely big list of blog ideas to write about this week. Most of them about school. So if you rather imagine that you never going to school again this week, don’t read my blog. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m so cruel.

Funnliy enough, Teens Tell Their Story topic this week is school so I’m going to be writing about

*pause* ooooooooo, my windows 10 upgrade is ready!

That’s how interesting my life is.


I will writing about my school day. Anyway, hope you enjoy it and laugh. Some of you may relate to this as well. So Enjoy.

Okay, so the day is here. After countless days of being like this,

getting back to school like...

you’ve got to go back to school.

So off I go to school and it’s not too bad walking to school because I’m with my friend, Ellephant, and it’s nice to talk about freedom during our summer as it gives us hope.

The faith soon gets destroyed and I’m in prison again.

In tutor (homeroom in America), we get our timetables and I think this is going to be the worst bit for me this year. Most of my friends are in the top-top set for everything and I’m just the top set. So in my group of friends, I’m the dumbass one. It also means that I’m not going to be in many classes with my friends.

So everytime I get to class, I’m going to be like this


you then also realise your in a room with complete knob heads. Great.

I sometimes walk in the wrong class and everytime, I turn into a red balloon about to burst.

I remember starting Year 7 and having to stand up and tell everybody my name and three facts about myself. I got so nervous when it was my go and my hands actually started shaking. It was that bad. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

Does anyone do this new school year revolution thing? I always tell myself that I’m going to do all my homework, write down everything and be an organized nerd for the whole year. After two days, I’ve already lost my planner and most of my pens have been somehow stolen by thieves which stroll around our school.

At that point, I’m asking my mum how long we have until our autumn break. She just glances at me and says not long. Whenever your parents say that, its freaking ages away. They just don’t want an episode of Prison Break.

Every year, I have to go through people telling me I’m shy because I don’t have any friends and whenever a person comes up to me, I try to get my self out of the conversation.

Everyone: You’re so shy

Me: That’s because I don’t like you.

There is also those ‘friends’ who tell you that they missed you but you didn’t hear from them all summer. I just reply with a hug and a ‘omg, missed you too’. But in my brain, I’m like fudge off, I don’t like youuuuuu…

There is always one person every year who was a tiny little spotty thing and then turns into a supermodel over the summer. IN THE MATTER OF SIX WEEKS. If there is a potion or something, I need that sh*t.

I think every English Literature teacher does this thing where they tell you to write a page about yourself but they don’t mention that they are looking at your grade again. So whenever that happens, always make sure you check everything and  put effort in it because your target grade will go down if you don’t.

Well, I hope you’ve somehow enjoyed this blog post and you’re not crying about school right now. Anyway, like if you’ve enjoyed, comment what you are looking forward to *let’s have some hope*, check out my other blog posts and follow me for more from me!

Hideaway Girl xxx

8 thoughts on “School thoughts..

  1. I’m just looking forward to a new year, and hoping when I get back I mysteriously drank some of that magic potion without realising šŸ˜‰ haha, this is such a relate-able blog x

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